An Interview with Jaspreet Singh, Founder of Druvaa

A start up entrepreneur from the fourth edition of and one of the greatest success stories of Proto, Jaspreet Singh, was the founder and creator of Druvaa, a software product, developed from India. Recently he had been a part of the sixth edition of held in Pune in the capacity of an event sponsor. Amidst the busy schedule of mentoring the participants and being involved in the press conferences, he found time to answer a few questions from the Viewspaper team.

VP: Can you share your experience from the beginning, when your business was still in the Start up stage?

Jaspreet: All of us founders came from IBM. While working there, our minds were closed. We saw customers from the point of view of what IBM saw in them. When we came to Proto we met a lot of companies, a lot of free networking happened at that point of time. We got both good and bad feedbacks. We met some phenomenally good individuals and investors which entrepreneurs can only dream of meeting. This enabled us to go into the mode of what next to do, what to build next since we had already built the prototype. It took us a good amount of time. We took 6-8 months to build our first version, market it and were shocked to see good orders coming to us. Then it was completely learning from our mistakes, building up and shaping up the entire business. We did make a lot of mistakes initially, but we had goof investors who helped us rectify those mistakes. Thus our journey was quite interesting as a start up.

VP: In what capacity have you come to Proto this year?

Jaspreet: This time we have come as sponsors. We ourselves are at a stage where we are very young as a business. We will be looking at investments sometime very soon. Right now Druvaa is looking at some good market investors. So this year we have just come as sponsors and to network as usual.