An Interview with Kesava Prasad, Instsolvers Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

A mechanical engineer and an M.Tech. from IIT Madras, Kesava Prasad is one of the three brains behind Inspye, the new technology developed by Intsolvers Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This new product was one of the fourteen start-ups showcased at, an event showcasing the top entrepreneur businesses of the country, which was held in Pune recently. Kesava had been in the city to be a part of the event where Viewspaper caught up with him for a quick session of Q&A.

VP: Could you tell us a little more about Inspye and Intsolvers?

Kesava: We are an optical inspection solutions company. We focus more on tubular parts like shock absorbers, cylinders etc. where we try to find defects inside such components making the work easier for the component checking inspector. For example, we take the component and look inside them to search for any scratch marks, dent marks etc. Hence our product helps people process this in a faster and easier manner without experiencing fatigue. Our product makes the inspection time half of what it would take otherwise. It helps to see the product details, in and out on a small screen.

VP: What inspired you to work on this particular product?

Kesava: I started in 2004 as a one man company. Initially was working with an animation company when two of my partners joined me. That was when we came up the concept of starting an automation solutions company. Since my background had been in automation, we started off with robotic automation. Finally we ended up in this area because we could see the scope for making innovative products in this area. This describes our journey till here.

VP: How much have you achieved till now? Also, please elaborate on your future plans?

Kesava: We had officially started in 2006. Currently we have gone back in the start up mode because we felt that we have to start again if we want to do something with our product. The model we are presenting here is completely different from what we usually do. This product is a result of going with our gut instinct. Thus we stopped operations in 2008 and took a major risk. We had enquiries from customers for a product like this which we took into consideration and worked for a year on the product. As far as the future is concerned making a mark on competition is a top priority. The current competition offers a product which is extremely heavy and difficult to carry. On the contrary, ours is a very small device which one can carry around easily in a bag. The robot can directly do the inspection. Also, there are some other areas which we would like to explore. These include biotech which we find highly interesting. Also , currently we are on automotive space but we would like to expand to the space of an air base.

VP: What would be the USP of your product?
Kesava: The USP that we would like to quote would be for the end user making inspection a quality faster, easier and affordable.

VP: Has the recession affected your product in any manner?

Kesava: The answer to that would be both a yes and no. There are many reasons behind the yes like some of the orders that we had been expecting did not materialize. A negative to that question would be because we were able to take some time, sit aside and come up with this product. In the Indian context I don’t think recession has affected us much.

VP: Why and what are your expectations from the event?

Kesava: We were encouraged by the organizers to come and attend the event. It is all a matter of start up spirit. Even if your product falls at some stage, you will have the spirit at Proto. Something like this is extremely difficult to find at any other trade show. We have come here because we felt we needed some kind of an exposure especially for a product like ours. For a consumer product there are many other avenues but for an industrial product like ours these shows are the only scope of exposure. We are also expecting some enquiries from people. Once they see our product they might have some ideas which may be very interesting to explore.

VP: What would be your advice to entrepreneurs entering the field of start up businesses?

Kesava: Just follow your heart.

Compiled by:
Astha Hemant

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