An Interview with MD, Hyca Technologies

Managing Director with HyCa Technologies, Anjan Mukherjee is a techno commercial professional with more than two decades of combined experience in engineering, sales, consultancy and general management. He has been the India representative of a Norwegian multinational, sailed on merchant vessels as chief engineer, co-authored a seminal technical book and has a pending patent. In Pune recently to attend the sixth edition of, where Hyca was among the top fifteen start ups showcased, Anjan took out some time to tell our team a little more about his business and what they have lined up for the future.

VP: Could you explain Hyca in layman terms?

Anjan: When cavitation bubbles, a special type of bubble, bursts it radiates an extremely high temperature at its point of collapse which is almost equivalent to the temperature of the sun. It velocity at that point is also almost four times the velocity of sound. This intense energy source can be used of various purposes including disinfection of water, shells of micro-organisms being broken etc.

VP: Tell us a little more about the product you are promoting here at What is your target market sector?

Anjan: HyCatorTM:Reactor System is a new product that we have launched under HyCa Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Basically it is a reactor that uses the energy dissipated by the collapsing cavitation bubbles to modulate various physical and chemical processes. We are looking at a multiple domain worldwide market. We are presently targeting the biofouling prevention of cooling waters, ballast waters, industrial effluent and waste waters and synthesis of specialty chemicals. We are looking at the process industries for cooling tower water treatment, chemical industries for affluent treatment and shipping industry for Ballast water treatment.

VP: Describe the USP of HyCa reactors.

Anjan: Basically this reactor reduces the amount of chemical usage, saves water which is an extremely important factor, speeds up the processing time and consequently saves energy. In today’s era, where there is a demand for Green technology and people make slogans like “Green Technology, Clean technology” their mantra, here is a product which is based completely on the principle of saving the environment. Thus in the midst of all these grand innovations and brilliant ideas, we would stand out for being a Green Technology promoter and carrier.

VP: Has the recession affected you in any manner?

Anjan: The recession has not affected us adversely. In fact it has not hit us in any manner. Initial investing and cost saving has ensured that we have a stable condition. Since we are not dependant on any other source of funding we are not affected by the recession in any way.

VP: Why and what are your expectations from the event?

Anjan: I heard about Proto from one of the event promoter who is my friend. He told me to send in an application for the event. We did and got selected for the one of the top fifteen slots. has turned out to be an amazing platform for start up businessmen to expand their avenues. We are at mainly for networking, making contacts, gaining publicity and exploring the funding options that the event provides.

VP: Any advice to other up and coming Start up business entrepreneurs.

Anjan: I would just like to say that don’t get scared by your competition. Just believe in whatever you are doing. If you have confidence in yourself and your business you will be able to convince your client to believe in you. This will ensure your success in whatever niche you carve out for yourself.

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