An Interview with Mr. Ajit Kamath

Mr. Ajit Kamath is enjoying a long and lustrous carrier as a trainer at various educational institutes and organizations. He is currently Senior Trainer and Director at WizTalks and has delivered corporate training workshops to companies such as RBI, Oberoi hotels and Resorts, J.P. Morgan Chase; these are just to name a few and many others. He started lecturing in 1992 and conducting his conceptualized Power Program in “The Fascinating World of Public Speaking” since 1996. This Program was being conducted at the Indo-American Society, Sir J. J. College of Commerce, etc. He started training for companies on topics such as presentation skills and effective communication skills since 2002. In 2004 he got associated with Stephen Covey’s Training company and DOOR Training. Since January 2007, he has got disassociated with the above companies and is delivering customized trainings on his own. He has a multidimensional personality.

1) You have done B.Com. LLB, then what influenced you to choose this field? Is the lawyer within still alive?
A) The passion to stand in front of people and make a difference to their Life.

2)You are currently Senior Trainer and Director at WizTalks. What sort of organization is this?
A) A Training organisation focused on delivering value to our clients to enhance their workforce’s skills, knowledge and behavior.

3) What is the goal and mission of WizTalks?
A) “Influencing individuals to see their own potential by creating a life-impacting difference in their lives through training”.

4) What kind of difficulties did you face while starting up?
A) There were a few challenges:
i) Indian Companies accepting that training can make a difference in their people.
ii) There is a difference between teaching & training and that we are not like “Boring Lecturers”
iii) Such influences come at a cost.

5) What drives you to stick to your chosen path?
A) Every group is a challenge and every day is different. It keeps me on my toes (literally as well as from upgrading of knowledge perspective).

6) What are your future plans?
Make ourselves known in PUNE in the following space:
– With teachers / Professors – Train-The-Trainers to make them realize the difference they can create in each child.
– With corporates – Advanced levels of behavioural & soft skills training and group coaching.
– One-to-one coaching to Senior levels in companies on Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

7) How do you look to future generation prospects by training youth?
A) Aligning potential to value and making them find themselves.

8) How many students have you trained yet?
A) In these 17 years many (probably more than 10,000)

9) Do you see this activity as a social activity or what?
Both, social work as well as professionally satisfying (Corporates are paying value and realising it’s importance)

10) Are you satisfied with your profession?
A) Extremely enriched

11) What is the best part of your profession?
A) Being with the most dynamic, complex resource – humans.

12) Would you like to share your ‘Eureka’ moment? The moment when you realized that this is what you have always wanted to do?
A) I was delivering a Personality Development module at Birla College, Kalyan. I narrated with all my story-telling ability, the story of a very old Frank Capra’s movie, “It’s a wonderful life”. The movie show’s how we all are very important in this world. I ended the program and I was packing. As usual many students lined up to thank, talk, shake hands etc. Everyone left, while I was on the verge of leaving, I noticed a girl near the door who was looking down but waiting to speak. I stopped, looked at her and said hello. She started crying and in the midst of tears, she narrated that she had many personal problems and was loosing out on every thread of life…. she was actually contemplating suicide, she had walked into my program to pass her time till evening, when she had planned to end her life…. After hearing the story and my session, she now wanted to live and face life however it came…. She was going to fight and show the world that she was important. She thanked me, turned and left. I don’t know who she was however I knew that I touched a life…. And this is what made me ‘choose’ training as a field where I will always want to be.

13) What advice would you like to give to those who are hesitant to take the offbeat track and follow their passion?
A) A Quote that inspires me:
There comes a time in life, when you stand at the crossroads.
…Thinking whether to turn left. Or right.
Will you choose the path that’s difficult?
Or the easy one?
Will it be risky? Or will it be safe?
Will it bring you glory and fortune?
Or pain and shame?
And a lifetime to be feel proud. Or repent.
Your turn left. When everybody is turning right

14) Any message to youth?

Shweta Durge

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