An Interview with Mr. Rohit Suri, Founder Studio V18

Mr. Rohit Suri is the Founder of Studio V18, Life Member of the Photographic Society of India, member of the Photographer’s Guild of India, and guest faculty at the National Institute of Fashion Technology.

In conversation with The Viewspaper:

Viewspaper: What inspired you to take up photography?

Mr. Rohit Suri: I was always inclined toward the field of art and it eventuality became a passion. Photography, of all art forms was of great interest to me. To make a career out of a hobby gives one immense pleasure.


VP: Did you face any sort of opposition from family when you decided to enter the creative field, and not a traditional career?

RS: No, my father himself was a very creative man who was always a source of encouragement. He passed away quite early, but I am proud of having inherited his interests and retaining the legacy.


VP: What sort of photography do you like?

RS: I love to shoot nature. It’s the God’s ultimate creation. Besides, I love to do Human faces. Every face has very distinct characteristics, it is very intriguing to notice and understand different features.


VP: What has been the most exciting photo that you have taken so far?

RS: I admire all my photos. Every moment captured is special. Big or small, each one of them is relevant.


VP: Did you ever regret your choice of career?

RS: Well one gets these feelings every now and then. Sometimes when one sees people loaded with money. No taste for art or aesthetics. No respect for creativity.. But at the end of the day I’m doing something which gives me pleasure so no regrets!


VP: Do you feel that technology has replaced actual talent in the field of photography?

RS: Technology has always helped. Even the aircraft machinery, one has to find creativity in them. Technology is very dynamic, it’s an unending process. It’s like education. Everyday we learn more. It has made work easier as well as more challenging. Because now that everyone is equipped, one has to work harder, prove ones capability.


VP: Do you think photography is an attractive career for the youth of India?

RS: Sure it is! Photography is something we find in every walk of life. It’s a very exciting job. There are just so many moments worth recording.. besides it can get you money fame and pleasure.


VP: Do you think some photos depicting catastrophes such as the Tsunami and Gujrat Earthquake etc. are disturbing and should not be circulated in print or electronic media?

RS: No, I disagree with that. Every moment recorded has a creative value. Bad or good it is an evidence of history which is beyond human life. We can not undermine the courage it takes to capture such a moment. The people, who capture these, are the ones who have faced the reality. No these pictures must not be banned from publishing.


VP: What is the one message that you’d like to give to India’s youth?

RS: I’d like to tell the youth that they must follow passion. Challenge yourself, meet your own expectations. And yes the world needs a lot of good photographers and film makers.

Compiled by:

Saumya Saxena