An Interview with Mr Seetharam Bhat, HR Professional

In this Interview we quiz Mr. Seetharam Bhat about HR Management, and prospects of HR for young graduates. Read on to find out.


Q: How important are HR functions in a company?


A: What makes organizations? People make organizations! So for any organization to work effectively, we need the people to make it happen. Human Resources Management is of primary importance and dealing with people is not something very simple. HR is challenging and demands constant change and improvement. Resourcing, encouraging skills upgradation, retaining talent, people development to meet day to day challenges, conflict resolution and ensuring sound policy are some of the important HR functions. HR needs to support organizational growth and address people issues.


Q: What are the challenges you face in HRM?


A: Retaining people was a major challenge for corporations. Since the recession, people have however been losing their jobs because of the falling international market. The challenge however in HR is the process of dealing with people dynamics. There is no fixed formula to work with people and you have to be flexible, have patience and must be adaptable. We need to assist our employees by facilitating their development and this is also an important process. Making people adapt to change in the organization is perhaps also one of the greatest challenges of HR.


Q: What, in your opinion, makes a good HR Professional?


A: The willingness to learn and work with people is fundamental. We need to understand the business in the right perspective in the context of the organization requirements and changing needs.


Q: How has the recession affected human resources management?


A: It is really very unfortunate to see many people losing jobs. The environment has made it very competitive. We will have to mobilize employees and try to utilize what we have to the best extent. Salary cuts are also, following phenomena. Employees need to be kept motivated and talent needs to be retained. We need to manage the downturn and rationalize manpower considering the revised work loads, cost effectiveness and production.


Q: Are HR people the custodians of HR?


A: HR as a function is not a domain of HR people alone. The right HR person should ensure that HR becomes a culture in all the functions and a systems approach is prevalent across. Then HR becomes an enabler and business partner. HR people should make people consider HR as an integral requirement for the success of any business or institution.


Q: What is the role of HR in performance measurement?


A: Performance measurement or performance management system (PMS) is a critical requirement in an organization but has to be introduced with a lot of planning and educating the people and making them understand its importance. Making performance measurement a success is the responsibility HR has to take in an organization to start with. A good PMS will ensure that there is healthy growth of people and promotes result oriented, team oriented performance.


Q: What is the future scope of HR Graduates and prospective?


A: HR should also play, addressing all risk related issues in management and understanding compliance, corporate governance instead of confining to the traditional HR responsibilities weather resourcing or performance management. HR should be a core function and people should have effective job rotation so that they can even occupy positions of leading the organization in operations and business.


Compiled by :

Harshvardhan Bhat