An Interview with Nishant Sharma – Founder of Intuitive Thoughts

“The clock will tick, when the time is right” says Nishant Sharma, Founder of Intuitive Thoughts. An engineer by profession, Nishant quit his job with a top MNC to venture into the bewitching world of spirituality. He looks like your normal 23-year-old guy next door. He walks in wearing a vivid smile and his mystic aura sparks up the air.

‘Intuitive Thoughts’, born in 2006 is an institute-cum-healing center where various alternative health and energy therapies like Reiki, Crystals healing, Aura cleansing, Hypnosis, Past life regression , Healing meditations and divination methods like Tarot cards, Aura reading, Psychic channeling and Angelic guidance are practiced and taught. Off late, he has ventured into more technologically advanced subtle energy detection gadgets like Resonant frequency imaging, that are used to scan and detect the human energy field in a scientific manner. He has been interviewed by the leading daily ‘The Times of India’ and has represented India in an international alternative health care magazine by Gannett Publications as an Aura reader. Nishant is all set to launch a line of alternative healing products and open up a franchisee of “Intuitive Thoughts” in London.

Nishant feels that nothing is a coincidence and we create our own lives based on the choices we make in our lives. He refers to predestined portion of our lives as “Destiny points”. Read on to know more about this charming healer and his awe-inspiring passion for life.

Tell us about your spiritual entrepreneurial baby – Intuitive Thoughts?

While you are growing up everyone in your family starts expecting that one day you will graduate from college with good grades and land up in a safe, secure and high paying job. For some, this might be the ideal way to live life but for me this wasn’t what I always wanted to do. I wanted something different, something that would resonate with my passion & deepest desires of how I would want my ideal life to be. I wanted to create a life full of energy which would  give me satisfaction & a sense of peace at the end of the day, that’s why I chose to do what I always loved to do i.e., Helping people, Heal themselves.

I started learning various energy healing skills and kept on researching & mastering the skills and then back in 2006, ‘Intuitive Thoughts’ was born with the sole aim to ‘Empower individuals to take charge of their life and heal themselves’. I also did some professional courses like hypnotherapy, Reiki , crystals therapy to get a view of our western countries where these skills are used in conjunction with mainstream medicine. I also kept on learning new therapies and techniques to improve my skills and also practiced them on my clients as I believe in that the knowledge can be acquired but the wisdom only comes with experience.

What kind of difficulties did you face while starting up?

When I wanted to give up my well-paying & stable job for something that’s quite unusual as a mainstream profession I had to face a lot of resistance coming up especially from my family. It’s quite natural for humans to resist a change which I think was the main reason for them too. They were supportive of me but I think they were a little unsure about the decision I had made and also because it’s not what they had always expected from me. But ultimately it was me who had to take the first bold step to make it happen, and I was pretty sure that once I put the first step into action everything else would follow.

Soon after I quit my job to follow my dream, I got a perfect spot in South Delhi to open my office and start my practice. I never advertised for my services, people would come through word of mouth publicity done by clients who felt my services are good & result oriented. Once my parents saw my happiness in doing what I love to do and the kind of difference I was making in the lives of people they have now started supporting me in my work.

Nishant you studied to be an engineer and now you play with energy fields. Is the engineer within still alive? Do you miss being an engineer?

During my engineering I was taught on how to work on computers, their cables, and the different software that govern the working of a computer but I think I was more interested in working with human computer systems, energy fields and the mind which I refer to as the software of human energy system. I am using the knowledge I have learnt but have just changed the nature of systems to be worked upon. I like to work on live & interactive machines made by god. I empower people to become aware of their faulty energy cables and reprogram their minds for a power packed happy life.

You have taken a big leap from a stable, well paid job with an MNC and stepped into a highly uncertain realm. Were your parents supportive?

When you want to do something that is not what your family expects you to do, something that is really out of the rat race and something that you are passionate about to make it your career, naturally you would face resistance. The most severe resistance comes from people who are closest to you, not because they don’t want you to grow but because they are scared about what if it doesn’t work out. Some people are just happy in their own small comfort zones and are afraid to change. But you need to risk your comfortable life to grow. In my case, my parents were neutral about my decision but sometimes even they used to fall into the so-called traps of our societal norms “Sabse bada rog, kya kahenge log”. But as I grew and my parents saw the results and the happiness with which I was living my life, eventually they too started supporting me in all my projects.

What is the best part of your profession?

I just love being with people and communicating with them, I feel this is my talent that people feel very comfortable and share all their worries with me even if they are meeting me for the first time. In today’s time most of the problems arise due to lack of communication. People are having bad marriages, bad relationships in their personal & professional lives, lack of understanding etc. All these problems can be healed if People start ‘talking to each other’ rather than ‘talking aAbout each other’. I help them rediscover the hidden keys to their problems which most often are hidden deep within us only. I think the best part of my profession is it gives me a chance to become a medium to bring about healing and happy changes in people’s lives.

Have you had moments that made you regret your lines of business?

In every business there are ups and downs. I have had my share of them too. Sometimes while looking at my friends who are doing well in their mainstream professional fields, I used to wonder “Am I really sure I want to make this my career?”  But then over time as you get mature enough you understand that even the fingers of a hand aren’t equal. We all are individual identities with our unique likes & dislikes, wants & desires and passions, so for me helping people and to work with the human mind & consciousness was like a mix of passion, talents, desires & dreams. As you progress you learn to balance your personal & professional life.

Then what drives you to stick to your chosen path?

I think it’s the choices that I have made for my life, the priorities I have set for myself and the goals I have in my mind help me grow and assist me in empowering the individuals about their life. The promises that I have made to myself help in exploring the hidden dimensions of the human mind and the power that is still to be recognized by many of us. I believe in continuous expansion and growth of consciousness and my main aim is to blend the ancient spiritual knowledge with the practical ways of our lives.

Would you like to share your ‘Eureka’ moment? The moment when you realized that this is what you have always wanted to do?

I remember once my father had severe neck pain and it was quite painful. Some said it was a cervical pain and some said it was due to a stiff neck. No medications or therapies were working for him. And then I met this aunt of mine who had learnt reiki and offered a small treatment session to my father. As she kept her hands on my father’s neck, I could see the change in expressions on his face. Within few minutes the pain was gone and it was this incident which led to this spiritual path. I soon learnt reiki and started practicing it and also took the master’s degree after which I was entitled to teach it further.

At a young age of 19 yrs, when most of the people are busy making choices of what career to select I had already begun my journey as a spiritual healing teacher & started teaching others reiki and other modalities. My friends call me ‘Baba’ and I think this was the moment where somewhere deep inside me I had made a silent decision with myself to make this spiritual path my career.

Today’s youth is generally inclined towards money vending careers. Did you ever think on those lines and had dilemmas?

I feel what people need to learn at this hour is that if you are really passionate about something & are ready to take any step in order to achieve it, the money will just flow in as a result of your actions. Nowadays we see a lot of youth sacrificing their talents & passions just to earn a daily living, I am in no way against that but what I am trying to say is that don’t let your responsibilities stop you from following your passions. I think the world would be a better place to live if people realize the power that each one of us have within us i.e. to create our reality based on the choices we make, we should ‘Stop Existing and Start Living’. Our life is like coffee and the jobs, careers, money we make are like fancy cups. Don’t be bothered about if your cup is not as attractive as some of your folks. Don’t let the look of cups affect the taste of your coffee. Savor the coffee, enjoy it.

People turn to you for their problems, who is your anchor?

True, at times when I feel lost & confused I turn to my beloved Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankarji, founder of Art of Living for my inspiration and to seek the solutions of my problems. He emphasizes on making your whole life a celebration by simply being aware of the present moment. I try to live by it!

What are your future plans for your spiritual baby?

I am planning to open up a one of a kind New age meditation lounge combining state of art spiritual technology from the west and the wisdom of our ancient scriptures where people can come and experience instant meditations to de-stress themselves. It will be focused on today’s youth, giving them a chance to feel a spiritual high which is long-lasting and in some cases permanent too!

I want people to become aware of their true potential and the power of practical spirituality & to use the energy healing techniques combined with the power of their mind & emotions to create an empowered life. Next year, I am having my first franchisee being opened in London and we are also launching a new range of spiritual energy healing products in the first quarter of 2011 that will help people take conscious responsibility of their lives and create a better life for themselves.

What advice would you give to those who are hesitant to take the offbeat track and follow their passion?

Whenever you are confused in life about the choices you have to make, follow your gut instincts. Once you know what you want to do, just have a clear image of the end result you want to achieve. State it aloud to yourself, affirm it and feel it in every part of your being. Repeat it often and visualize yourself as you have already achieved it. But most importantly ‘take necessary actions to make it happen’. And you’ll know that you are on the correct path when you take action and everything starts falling into perfect place.

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