An Interview with Noel Manoj of is a start up business which had been showcased recently at which is an event which showcases the top start up businesses of the country in front of an audience which includes investors and a number of start up enthusiasts. Bank Bazaar was under the category of ‘internet and mobile’ in the event. Noel Manoj was at the event, which had its sixth edition in Pune recently, representing Bank Bazaar. He is a marketing ‘Technopologist’ and alumnus of the prestigious ISB, Hyderabad and is focused on marketing technology, strategic partnerships and affiliate marketing. His special interests include start ups, related venture capital and mergers and acquisitions. Among the busy schedule of the day, he found some time for a quick round of Q&A with Viewspaper.

VP: Could you tell us a little more about this new venture?
Noel: is the world’s first neutral online marketplace that gives you instant customized rate quotes on loans and insurance products. You can instantly search for, compare and apply for loans, credit cards and insurance productson our site. Since we partner with India’s leading financial institutions and insurance firms, you have to look in only one place to get a great deal.

VP: When did the idea develop? What are you looking at with
Noel: The idea came about in February, 2008. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to get a great deal on a loan or an insurance product. On, you can easily compare the total costs of the loan offers made to you, and get access to unbiased customer’s ratings of financial institutions. We want to make it easy for the customers to have a lot of options, to take a well informed decision when choosing which product to apply for and to do all this instantly. And, best of all is tha all these services at are completely free of cost.

VP: What is your target market segment? What is the USP of your product?
Noel: We are targeting consumers in the age group of 25-45 years who access to online banking. As far as our USP is concerned, has four different points to offer to its customers. Firstly, we search through India’s top financial institutions and get the best customized loan offers instantly. Secondly, we help customers to compare offers using our easy to use tools. Thirdly, the customer can apply online directly to the institution of their choice. Lastly, all these services will we provided to the customers at no extra cost.

VP: Why What are your expectations from the event?
Noel: happened by chance. We got to know about the event from a friend of ours. We applied for the event and got selected as one of the finalists. At we are looking for gaining a platform which would help us connect with investors, promoters and the media. Being here has already provided us the first step. We are hoping for more exposure from the event.

VP: Any advice to newcomers in the field of start up businesses?
Noel: Always follow your dreams. They will turn into reality some day.

Compiled by
Astha Hemant