An Interview with Rahul Gupta, Co-founder GEC

Rahul Gupta is a 20yr old student and is a founder member of the organization Global Environment Concern which aims at spreading awareness and protecting our environment by educating the people of India. He shares his experience with us in a Q&A round

VP: Could you please tell us more about your organization?

Rahul: Global Environment Concern primarily looks into two major issues environmental and educational. Its main objective is to help develop a world population that is aware and concerned about these issues, and which has the motivation, commitment and skills to work collectively towards finding solutions to present and future problems.

VP: What is the focus of the organization?

Rahul: We cover a lot of social issues like AIDs, hygiene etc but currently we are focusing on education and environment. We provide consultancy on various environmental issues, promote ecotourism, and work towards habitat preservation. We aim at strengthening sustainable livelihood, increase youth participation and influence national policy for climate change.

VP: What are the projects that have been undertaken by GEC?

Rahul: The current projects include SMILE, PICK A PLANT and BE A SANTA. SMILE is an evening school for slum children. It is run by volunteers both national and international. PICK A PLANT is an event in which we give out free plants and encourage people to plant them. In BE A SANTA one gets an opportunity to give out gifts to the slum children and spread Christmas cheer.

VP: At such a young age, what was the inspiration behind the organization?

Rahul: Well, it happened two years back when my friends and I were visiting Vrindavan. We were really depressed by the state of affairs around us and Vrindavan is a place where people come from all over. Looking at all those people, that day, we decided that someone had to do something and why not us? From then on we decided to start are own organization that would try and set some things right. So, in December 2008, Akash Deep, Arti Jain and I started the organization with the Delhi, U.S.A. and Chandigarh chapters respectively.

VP: As an organization of young people do you find it difficult to get funding?

Rahul: It is a challenge every time, but now since the organization has grown and become more popular, corporate houses are willing to sponsor our events. Moreover we have people of all ages and backgrounds working with us, so age isn’t really a hindrance.