An interview with Rajeev Ranadive, founder of Automotive Robotics

At 58 yrs, Rajeev Ranadive was one of the eldest participants who took part in the sixth edition of A mechanical engineer by profession, Rajeev started his work for vehicle manufacturers first with Mahindra &Mahindra and then later on with General Motors. From there he has travelled a long way with developing and presenting his own start up at Proto in the form of DIY Kits for performance, comfort and lifestyle enhancement of vehicles under Automotive Robotics. Viewspaper caught up with him for a quick round of Q&A.

VP: Could you tell us a little more about your company. How exactly does it operate?
Rajeev: We basically work on automotive electronics and technology transfer from various parts of the world was our main focus area when we started in 2002. From 2007 we started building prototypes to demonstrate technology of our clients. His is how we started our prototypes shop. Once that was in place I was tempted to get some more prototypes and to develop a technology of my own. This is how I developed a technology and products of my own. These products include intake systems, electronic superchargers.

VP: When and how did you start your business? What inspired you?
Rajeev: I started consultancy in 2002. I started building prototypes in 2007. When we started transferring technology from the leading age companies it was with the sole purpose of demonstrating the technology and to prove that it works. Today, nobody believes that the technology really works until and unless they have seen it with their own eyes. That is when the prototypes came into existence and how I started building them. As far as my inspiration goes, I have an access to a product shop and a passion to develop my own products.

VP: What are your future plans? What innovations have you made in your product line and business as such? Has the recession affected your business in any manner?
Rajeev: We will be launching our products by August this year. 5 year plans would not be aiming at anything less than 100 crores worth of business. Recession did not affect R&B related activities in our business. It perhaps affected our manufacturing activities. We have four international patents as of now. These are mainly in the area of power trade i.e. engine and transmission. So we are working on exhaust system, electronic superchargers, fell injection systems, automotive electronics. These are extremely high tech areas. Also, recession had no effect on our after sales activities. Since our products are aimed at after sales activities, they were not affected.