An Interview with Rajiv Dingra, Founder of WATMedia Pvt. Ltd.

Rajiv Dingra is a passionate entrepreneur and blogger who is the Founder & CEO of WATMedia Pvt Ltd which owns India’s leading digital media blog, and also a Web 2.0 consulting company, tracks the Web, Advertising and Technology (WAT) Industry in India by featuring relevant news, reviews and interviews. The Viewspaper engages in conversation with the man behind this successful digital media company.

VP: How did you come up with the idea of

RD: Well the idea behind WATBlog was more out of the passion for digital media and to project myself as a knowledgeable digital media professional. One thing led to another and WATBlog today is one of the leading online publications for digital media which is considered a well known authority in this space.

VP: What were your priorities when you started

RD: My priorities were to make sure that people find value in the content they read on WATBlog.
VP: How did people react to it initially and has the response been better with the growing popularity of the internet industry?

RD: The response was great from day one and the regularity with which we updated stories got people coming back. Within 6 months we had more than 10 contributors on WATBlog who are all experienced professionals from the industry.

VP: Blogging as a concept in India is gaining huge popularity in India. But like every other idea, do you think it is likely to lose its charm anytime soon?

RD: Well blogging may change form (like Twitter) but it will continue to grow as it lends freedom of expression and power to influence in the hands of anyone who possesses good writing skills. But yes over time there will be certain leaders for verticals in this space who would be tougher to challenge.

VP: Since blogging is primarily an interactive medium, do you interact with your readers regularly? What do you think is the reason behind’s extensive and dedicated readership?

RD: Yes we do interact with our readers both online via comments, Facebook fanpages and our Twitter account daily. I think the main reason for WATBlog’s readership is its quality standard which is consistent and also its wisdom of the crowds approach. WATBlog isn’t just one voice but many voices. Our content spread also is quite wide and hence we cover news, give our views, conduct reviews and carry out industry interviews as well give a holistic coverage of the digital media space in India. In terms of both depth and breadth we are probably the most sought after player in our niche.

VP: What is it that you enjoy the most about your work?

RD: The fact that I learn something new everyday and the fact that the space itself is growing with us, is very exciting.

VP: What do you have to say about the web 2.0 phenomenon with respect to India and what do you think is the future of such networking?

RD: The impact will be seen 5 years from now when networking savvy individuals will be in decision making positions in companies and that would create a shift towards more web based advertising, tools etc.

VP: Apart from blogging, what are your other interests?

RD: I love watching movies, watching cricket, listening to music and reading books.

VP: How important is it to believe in what you do? A lot of people have great ideas in their heads but are skeptical about implementing them as they fear failure.

RD: It’s the difference between watching and doing. You can watch cricket as much as you want but unless you believe in yourself and get on the ground to face the music you won’t know what it’s like. The thrill itself is worth the attempt.

VP: What do you have to say to other bloggers or those who want to start blogging?

RD: Just blog because it defines who you are and not because it would makes you who you want to be.

Compiled by
Kashika Saxena

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