An Interview with Ravi Shankar, Founder of

A co-founder of, Ravi Shankar was recently in Pune for the sixth edition of Proto. Essentially an event which showcases the talents of start up entrepreneurs, every year fifteen of the top start up businesses are a part of a special showcase which is attended by the likes of investors and mentors alike. An extremely popular event with all start up entrepreneurs, Proto has been expanding its base ever since the first edition. Amongst a day full of events and conferences, Viewspaper caught up with Ravi for a quick round of Q&A.

VP: How did the idea of came about? Could you describe your journey till here?

Ravi: The idea of an event which would help entrepreneurs take their first step in the industry took root with a group of people based out of Chennai who were interested in technology and entrepreneurship. It was quite challenging in the initial stages. While organizing events like Wikicamp we had to face a lot of challenges and problems. The event identified the need for such an event among the entrepreneurs of the country. Initially Proto was launched in Chennai (IIT), where it was a huge success. Then the event was taken to Delhi, Bangalore and now we have reached Pune with the sixth edition.

VP: Something special that you would like to share about the first ever edition of

Ravi: The first edition had a total attendance of one hundred and twenty five people. Chennai was the key market that we were targeting. The feedback we received was extremely significant even though it was a very small event. It was there that we learnt the importance of such an event to the world of entrepreneurship.

VP: What would you like to say in regards to the current edition in Pune?

Ravi: We had started promotion for the Pune edition just a week before the actual event date. Considering that, we have had a phenomenally 600 strong participation, including start ups, investors and mentors. This edition one thing that stands out is an amazing mix of investors. Also, for the first time we have had tie ups with ET and Times.