An Interview With Robin Chopra, Founder of

Conceptualized by Robin Chopra, Bas EK Chance is an equal opportunity portal for all talented individuals aspiring to carve a niche in the entertainment industry of India. Be it Bollywood, Tollywood or any other Film/TV/Ad production hub, its Bas Ek Chance away for those who have it in them to be there.

It aims to bridge the gap between talent and the talent hunters in India. The portal- serve as a platform for the aspirers of the Indian Media and Entertainment sector providing them with a fair, easy & and a risk-free chance to pursue their dreams.


VP: When did you start, the concept of which is very unique, and what inspired you to start a website with such a theme?

RC: I started working on this concept in August last year and then launched the site on 1st June 2009. I have always been a very keen observer of trends in television advertisements and movies. The number of new faces that one sees in ads these days is really refreshing. The very fact that so many people can get a chance to be on television irrespective of looks, physique or colour, actually speaks volumes on how the Indian audience has evolved to focus more on content & talent than only on established faces/filmstars. All around there are people wanting to feature in ads and be in movies but not knowing where to start from. I took some time doing research on the subject and finally thought of it to be a great idea for youth and a great value add for the industry. We now have a common universal address for everyone.


VP: Was there any particular area of competence that led you to believe that you could run this website successfully?

RC: Well, to be honest it is still very early for me to declare victory. There are a lot of small issues that need to be weeded out before we can claim any success. However, we do enjoy the “First Mover Advantage” as there is no other site in India that provides such a platform to all established and struggling people from the industry.


VP: How does works?

RC: It’s quite simple. All aspirants become members of the site to showcase their talent. Through this site we have now enabled multimedia portfolios to allow uploads of images, audio or video. We also have as members, a lot of people from the film and television fraternity. A listed (member) casting director/production house can now view the portfolios, hear an aspirant sing and even watch them act. Some of the features that have found great value with our members are:

i. In-built member to member interaction through mails (without revealing any contact information)
ii. Listing of latest casting/audition calls/industry requirements: As an added benefit, all members can apply to these at the click of a mouse.
iii. Display of complete multimedia profile/portfolio including images, audio and video. One can also mention interests and list previous work experience in this field
iv. Personalized membership link: This now becomes a universal address for all professionals to know more about you.
v. Professionally managed portal with regular updates & monthly newsletters (Onwards September 2009)
vi. Zero commission model
vii. Risk Free, Transparent, Easy and the Right Platform for aspiring models/actors/singers
viii. Ranking other members now possible: Ask other members to rate your work/profile
ix. Paid site to ensure that we have only professional and serious people as members
x. Attractive rewards scheme against referrals


VP: Are there any difficulties that you face as this is a new concept for most people from this industry?

RC: There is no difficulty but it is not a cakewalk either. There are some teething problems that we face in terms of educating customers about this new concept as they often mistake us for a modeling agency. The response has been very encouraging from all parts of the country even without any marketing efforts. However, since this is a paid site, we often get requests for free memberships. While it is difficult to say no, we do so to ensure that only people serious about this field sign-up.


VP: Would you look at funding since this is a relatively small start-up?

RC: Yes. I am of the opinion that to take this venture to the next higher level of success we might require funding and we are also in talks with a few companies. Fortunately, both online business and entertainment related businesses have seen many investors pumping in money.


VP: Why do you suggest that aspiring singers, models, actors should use your website to make a mark, rather than using the conventional method to enter into the entertainment industry?

RC: We’ve made it a lot easier for them. This website aims at putting an end to the days when one would leave the family & job to go to Mumbai and stand in long queues to merely meet a director and share the portfolio. Even then, there was no surety of getting a chance. Add to this, the cheats in the business are planty who showed them so many dreams and ran away with their money. Instead of all these troubles and risks, all that you have to do now is create an account, showcase your talent through images, audio, videos and be a part of our growing network of professionals. Save on cost, time, effort, commissions & the risk.


VP: What has been the response of both the aspiring actors, models and that of the industry to your website?

RC: We have received a very encouraging response from both; the industry as well as the aspiring talent. People see great value in the fact that this site aims to go beyond the city and state barriers to provide everyone a chance to showcase talent. Professionals from the industry have found the user interface very easy and professional to use and recognize this as the first step towards a more organized way of doing business.


VP: Are there any successful model actors singers which have been the find of your initiative?

RC: Yes, we have been lucky right from the start. We have had 3 successful placements while a lot of members keep getting calls for auditions. We also have a section called “Success Stories” on our site that gives details about these placements.


VP: Could you tell us about any unusual requirement (apart form the talent) placed by a production house while hiring a person?

RC: Requirements vary from time to time and are usually assignment specific. While some require talent only with experience, we have also had professionals looking for absolutely raw talent even without proper portfolios. To make things easier, we have a search function on the website that enables a user to enter specific criteria and do a quick scan of talent available.


VP: You yourself are working with India’s leading media conglomerate. How do you manage both your office and the work of the website?

RC: It becomes very difficult at times, but I am very well supported by my family and our small team of people who are working towards making the dreams of so many aspirants come true. I am sure that we will make a difference to many lives in times to come.


VP: You have successfully managed to handle a conventional job along with a business. Do you think one should always look for conventional jobs or should one explore the otherside trying to fulfill their dream project?

RC: It is a very personal choice. It’s really all about identifying where your passion lays, the extent to which you are driven by it, the personal goals you set in life and the energy you can put in for it. No matter what you do in life, the result is usually a combination of these 4 ingredients.


VP: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

RC: GO FOR IT! However, a proper research on the subject along with a PLAN B is a must.


Compiled by:

Akriti Chaubey