An Interview with Santosh Thrivikraman, Co-founder of PebbleTalk

Co-founder of PebbleTalk, ThinkCore Technologies, Santosh Thrivikraman, had been a part of, an event showcasing Start up businesses in its sixth edition which took place recently in Pune. Among the top fourteen start-ups at the event, Pebble Talk created a buzz at the event. During the busy routine of the day Viewspaper caught up with Mr. Santosh for a quick round of Q&A

VP: Tell us a little more about Pebble Talk?
Santosh Thrivikraman: Pebble Talk in essence stands for groups of people who converse with each other. Pebble Talk was founded in March, 2008. We are based in Bangalore. Pebble Talk is a flagship product from ThinkCore technologies. Pebble Talk is an integrated enterprise communication and collaboration solution which helps enterprises improve productivity while saving time and money. It also helps build a strong organization by way of employee engagement and bonding.

VP: How has your journey been so far? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Santosh Thrivikraman: Since it has not been long for us in the market, we are still developing. Thus our journey so far has been fruitful in learning the scope and target market of our business better. In the next 5 years we are looking to expand our client base to include enterprises and organizations with more than 11 employees. Our major competition from Live Software and SocialText will have to live up to some major innovations in the coming years.

VP: Define the USP of your business?
Santosh Thrivikraman: Pebble talk provides an easy and efficient way for enterprises and organizations to address the following – Overloaded inboxes, cost of managing information and knowledge, preserving expert knowledge, leveraging collective wisdom of employees, to drive innovation and inspire employee participation and be effective in building a well knit employee community.

VP: Has the recession affected your business in any manner?
Santosh Thrivikraman: Recession has had a mixed affect on our business. There are some software which are already in place. So it is little difficult to break through the hold these software have on companies since companies do not change their trusted software very easily. However, some companies are not afraid to invest in order to attain a better employee work relationship. Thus we still get customers at the time when the rest of the market is struggling.

VP: Why and what were your expectations from the event?
Santosh Thrivikraman: is an excellent platform for Startup entrepreneurs. It is an excellent platform for us to showcase our product to a large number of audience and receive their feedback which will help us improve our offering needs of the automotive component manufacturers. We want to expand our product scope to sectors like aerospace and MRO. This is under the assumption that aerospace supports greater profitability at lower volumes.

VP: What would you advice up and coming entrepreneurs in the Start up space?
Santosh Thrivikraman: The only advice from my side would be that make your business as simple and cost effective as possible. This would ensure success even if your business idea is not completely original but an improvement of some idea. Take care to give your customer something he has not got from other options.

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Astha Hemant

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