An Interview with Sayan Das – The British Airways Brand Ambassador

Viewspaper: What does this achievement mean to you?
Sayan: I never expected this opportunity would land on my doorstep. I was completely thrilled when it came my way and it has been a fantastic experience.

Viewspaper: So, tell us a little bit about yourself. What are you currently doing?
Sayan: I’m pursuing my final year in Law from ILS Pune.

Viewspaper: How did you get educated about the British Airways Brand Ambassador Hunt & campaign?
Sayan: In a way, The Viewspaper told me so. Actually I’ve interned with it in the past and the experience was amazing. Along with a good experience, it gave me first hand information about this contest too.

Viewspaper: Which colleges and courses are you looking at to study further? And how did you decide on these colleges and courses?
Sayan: I have applied to most of the universities in The UK and The US, including Harvard, Columbia, NYU etc. I am looking forward to pursuing a course in either Journalism or Environmental Law.

Viewspaper: India has a lot of great opportunities and universities, why did you choose to study abroad? What do you find most appealing about studying abroad? Where did you look for researching universities abroad?
Sayan: It’s been a dream to study abroad. In India, we’re virtually brought-up with the mind-set of Graduation in India and Masters abroad. Also, the time period varies by a year or so. The same course in India is for 2 years and abroad it’s for 1 year.

Viewspaper: What is the exam you appeared for to get admission? What scores are accepted by your university?
Sayan: I’ve just appeared for TOEFL, IELTS and GRE.

Viewspaper: What sets your university, and country where you study, apart from the others?
Sayan: There’s no one particular thing I can highlight, but ILS, Pune provides the space to discuss various issues of concern such as politics, society etc. It Is ranked amongst the top ten law schools in India and it stands by its motto of justice for all.

Viewspaper: Have you set any career plans for post-higher education?
Sayan: As Journalism and Environmental Law remain my personal favourites, I’d like to stick to them, and as far as settling abroad is concerned, I haven’t really pondered over it.

Viewspaper: For other student fans of British Airways, what is your advice regarding study options abroad? What did you learn from your experience? How did you gather information about the university you will be studying in?
Sayan: Planning is the key.I had my next 3 years chalked-out in my mind. Start as early as possible. It is an extensive process but doable. Counselors aren’t required!! Most of the college forms are easy to figure out and can be tackled without professional help. Me and my friends figured them out with a little help from each other.

Viewspaper: Any advice you want to give?
Sayan: Don’t get disheartened by small failures. A back-up always rescues. I plan to work as a Journalist in my home country if nothing works out. Maintain and enjoy a good sense of humour and laugh your way through rejections. When I faced my first rejection, my closest friends received some too. We all had a hearty laugh through it and a minute later we forgot it all. Never give-up on your dreams and yes, never stop trying!!

Compiled by Ruma Kulshreshtha and Garima Obrah