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Starting in the online business with, Siddharth Goyal has attended, an event showcasing start up entrepreneurs, twice before the sixth edition in Pune. A participant in the previous two editions, he was one of the top fourteen finalists showcased in the final event with his latest product ConWizta, Time Vision Info this time. Viewspaper caught up with him during the busy schedule for the day for a quick round of Q&A.

VP: Tell us a little more about ConWizta?

Siddharth: It is a content result and a solution for domain experts to put in content and go live with online coaching. So, anybody who is willing, has a domain and wants to start an online institution we provide them a market for the same. The way it works is like if someone wants to start a CAT coaching, an IIT coaching or even an Art of Living course online, all they need to do is have the content ready with them. We provide them the technology and the engine with which they can upload the content and would be ready to go online in no time.

VP: When did the idea come about? Where has it reached till now?

Siddharth: We have been attending Proto since the last two editions. This is our third visit. In this time we have interacted and mentored a lot of start ups. During these interactions we have found a lot of willingness when it comes to online education. We had a lot of clients coming in who wanted online education space. So we thought of creating a synergy of them which will not cost too much and will cater to a lot of people who in turn will cater to a lot of people. We finally launched with ConWizta last October. Right now we have three applications of this portal which are live. Though we are not yet ready with a final release where people can just go register, we have come a long way.

VP: What is your business model? Has the recession affected you in any manner?

Siddharth: We are not targeting the end users. Our target customers are the content owners. We charge the content owners who in turn charge the users. We give two options, either an evolution model or our base option, depending upon the clientele. Education is the one industry which is the least affected by recession. Thus in this space we have benefited from recession.

VP: What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Siddharth: We release a plan where people can just register online and then we will pay attention to marketing. We will start procuring more content owners. We want a transnational presence on the continent. 5 years down the line we are looking at 2000 active content owners as our clients and at least 1,00,000 active student data base.

VP: In one line what would be the USP of your product?

Siddharth: If you have content, you need to spend on technology – come to us.

VP: What has been your experience at Proto so far?

Siddharth: During our first visit we just wanted to see the entrepreneur space. At that time we met a lot of companies and even managed to do some business. Our second visit to the event witnessed the bouncing of some ideas with a couple of VC’s. Finally this year we have made it as finalists and it feels great.

VP: Any advice to up and coming entrepreneur businessmen who want to make it big in this space?

Siddharth: Everyone thinks online start ups are cheap and a one month game. In reality it is a lot longer. You need to plan at least for a couple of years. There are no made for VC’s plans which will be accepted by the market immediately. So have patience, that’s the mantra.

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Astha Hemant

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