An Interview with Sujata Mongia, founder of Reiki Training Centre

We live in a fast paced materialistic world where busy schedules and impatience gives a toss to the actual meaning of life. An individual is badly exhausted, depressed and can hardly find peace. When everyone in today’s world is busy in his/her life for the materialistic things, the resident of Ramprastha, Ghaziabad, Ms Sujata Mongia is working for the betterment of the society. She is a Reiki Grandmaster and an active member of RHF (Reiki Healing Foundation) in New Delhi. She along with her partner, Shalini Aggarwal has opened up a Reiki Training Centre in Ghaziabad and is constantly working to give the needy their lost peace.

VP: Can you explain what Reiki is in layman term?

Sujata: Thoughts have the power to direct energy. In layman terms, Reiki is the healing energy wherein the Reiki masters heal people with the positive energy and spiritual power. It is a Japanese technique that helps to reduce stress and gives relaxation to the mind, body and soul. This therapy is out of any side effects and near to God’s vision. One can give Reiki to oneself, other person or to masses.

VP: How did you discover that you want to be Reiki healer?

Sujata: It was not actually planned. It was in 2005 that a sudden death of my mother made me depressed. I had been taking various medications including anti-depressants but was hardly out of it. The pain of losing my mother was very intense as I was attached to her. However, a friend of mine gave me distant Reiki for 3 consecutive days and I started feeling better. It was then that I decided to learn and practice it. I had studied Reiki under the guidance of my Gurus- Dr. N.K. Sharma and Savita Sharma, of Reiki Healing Foundation in Pitampura, New Delhi and am thankful to them.

VP: What is special about Reiki?

Sujata: Reiki is the wonderful energy that helps us to keep balance between mind, body and soul which return us with peace of mind and joy of life. It is done by laying on hands on the individual to whom Reiki is given and imagining that an unseen life force energy flows through it.

You must have seen idols of Gods and Goddesses in temples and at home where they give blessings with their hands. It is this energy which channelizes through their hands and is considered a blessing. One very important thing I would like to mention here is that it is not black magic. It is highest spiritual power that does not harm anyone.

VP: Have you had many successes?

Sujata: Reiki works on belief and requires the effort of both the patient and the Reiki master. The patient has to believe in Reiki powers so that the energy works at maximum in his/her healing.

VP: What do you look for in a student?

Sujata: We see interest, mind awareness and intention of student. There is no need of any educational qualification. We teach around 10-15 students in a month in our institute which includes people from all age groups and financial strata like kids, women, elderly, college goers and men. Reiki is actually transferred to the students by Reiki Masters through a series of attunements. We have a syllabus for the same wherein we have three degrees that can be taken at any time of the year. The first degree takes one month’s time and others can be taken as per the student wishes. We make sure that every student is satisfied and confident about his learnings.

1. Basic Course (1st degree)
2. Advance Course (2nd degree)
3. Master Healing Course (3rd degree A)
4. Mastership and Karuna Reiki (3rd degree B)
5. Reiki Grandmastership

VP: What is the average time taken to complete the Reiki levels?

Sujata: It depends on the students grasping power and the degree he/she wants to take. They can acquire knowledge depending on the degree; however the first degree takes a month’s time.

VP: When is the best time for Reiki to be used?

Sujata: The best time to practice it is early in morning and evening time. It is advisable to avoid practicing Reiki from 12 to 4 as sun is at its peak and there is an intense flow of negativity and ultra violet rays in the environment.

VP: Does Reiki blend well with modern medicine and other healing methods?

Sujata: Yes it blends well. We never advice people to stop their other medications on cost of Reiki. It actually helps in medication. Reiki has no side effect and it does not harm anyone. For example if a person is suffering from severe headache and has done basic course(1st degree) of Reiki , he should take medicine for the same and practice Reiki to reduce the pain. He can just lay his hands on his forehead and imagine that his pain is reducing. Other way is by charging water by symbols and then drinking it. It really helps a lot in recovering from any illness be it small or big.

SG; VP: Can you describe a healing?

Sujata: It is self improvement that everyone can use. Healing is the prayer that we do to God [ Reiki] so that we can help others to over come disease and establish good health through the means of positive energy and vibrations. You can actually feel the vibrations flowing through your body making it relaxed, peaceful with a general feeling of well being. It is a great feeling that can only be felt by receiver and the practitioner.

VP: Tell some success stories from your Reiki practice?

Sujata: One day my maid’s daughter came to me and told about the problem that she has Blands in her scalp as of infection. I charged water and gave her to drink and told her to even apply on the affected scalp, and strangely she got hair within four days. Like this many have reported miraculous results. The experiences of people are published in ‘Wonders of Reiki’ magazine.

We have even given Reiki to the World this year in January for World Peace and against Global Warming.

VP: Being a healer what does it require from a person?

Sujata: Being a healer most important thing one needs is a strong desire to help and cure people. It needs strong faith in God and his powers which are transmitted through healer and cures people.

VP: Do you have any website or any such plan in future?

Sujata: Not yet, however we will be launching it in near future.

VP: Any message you want to convey to all Reiki trainers, grandmasters and students by the medium of this interview?

Sujata: Believe in yourself, strong desire to cure people and serve the poor. It is based on the principle of give and take; however one can give money according their financial status. But it should never be given free of cost as its value is degraded.

One piece of advice and request I would like to share with everyone. Please don’t consider it as a business to make money. Please don’t create free loaders by teaching Reiki on less or no price or by bringing greed into Reiki education. It is a hurdle in your own development and that of Reiki. Work for Reiki and Reiki will work for you.

Compiled By:

Shikha Garg