An interview with Swanand Deshpande, Founder Aerosoft Systems Pvt. Ltd.

A telecom engineer from Pune, Swanand Deshpande is in charge of the marketing development at Aerosoft Systems Pvt. Ltd. With a degree from SPJ Singapore, Swanand has worked with HSBC software prior to his business venture with Aerosoft. He was in Pune recently to attend, an event promoting the top start up businesses in the country, where his company was also showcased. Among the busy schedule of the event day he took out some time for a quick Q&A session with our team.

VP: Can you explain Aerosoft in very layman terms?
Swanand: Aerosoft is a two and a half years old venture which is basically a revenue reconciliation space. Currently we are providing reconciliation to Air India Express groups which are one of the largest carriers today. In simple terms lots of problems are faced with e-commerce payments and we strive to provide a solution to those problems. Cleartrip is our second client. We are in talks for other different options to be explored soon.

VP: How will you describe your journey so far? What are your goals 5 years down the line?
Swanand: As far as the journey till now is concerned, in terms of people our resources have almost doubled and in terms of economy nearly tripled. As for the future, there are a number of companies who will be looking towards online transactions. This and the growth of credit card transactions will ensure of our involvement with the transaction departments. 5 years down the line we would possibly like to move away completely and start over in a consulting side. This would make us a one stop shop for all the companies who want to explore on line transactions.

VP: Has the recession affected your business in any way?
Swanand: Instead of a negative impact, recession has been good for the business. This is a result software companies increasing their sales from 100 to 120. We advice the companies to realize their 100 Rs first and then think about increasing their market space. At such times, the companies are willing to listen and this is good for us.

VP: What is the USP of Aerosoft?
Swanand: All companies want to make money on other people’s accounts. We, on the contrary, say that we will help you save all your money. Just pass on a little to us. So in a sentence our USP would possibly be that we are partners for all the companies out there who are interested in online transactions and we will help them get all their payments in the bank.

VP: Why and what were your expectations from the event? What are you taking back?
Swanand: I had not even heard about the event. We heard about it from a friend who asked us to send in our nomination which thankfully we did. Our ignorance about the event was one of the reasons behind us not being too well prepared for the showcase. The event, we felt, is a perfect launchpad. Start ups have the opportunity to meet brilliant people with whom they can share their experiences and questions. All we are taking back is a bunch of visiting cards and contacts to great deal more number of people.

VP: Any advice to other start up entrepreneurs?
Swanand: Always be sure of what is behind you before taking a step forward. As a businessman you never want to be in a position where you promise the moon to your clients and are unable to deliver it. Thus be sure of whatever you do. This is the only way which will lead you to success.

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Astha Hemant

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