An Interview with Vishal Gondal, CEO of Indiagames

A global mobile and games media executive and the CEO of Indiagames, Vishal Gondal started his first company FACT at the age of 16. Featured amongst the top 40 Indian entrepreneurs by Business Today in 2001, Vishal was among the 20 IndiVishal to watch out for in 2006 by The Week magazine. In Pune to attend and be a part of a debate on the importance of IP in start up businesses, he took out time for a quick Q&A session with Viewspaper.

VP: As an entrepreneur how important do you think is IP and copyrighting for Start up businesses?
Vishal: Start up businesses have various challenges in front of them. Entrepreneurs have to focus upon making their business more consumer friendly yet unique and innovative. This is a process which demands all the resources of the people involved. IP on the contrary is a costly and time consuming process. According to me, copyrighting is not necessary for a Start up business. I am not saying that IP is not important. However, my advice would be to first make your mark in the market and then implement copyrighting in your products line.

VP: What inspired you to venture into a gaming start up at such a young age?
Vishal: Getting independent at an early age was something which just happened. Gaming specifically because it was an area which had not been touched upon at the time when I had entered it. However this particular niche offered the opportunity to innovate since there had not been many ventures in this area. So I decided to enter, innovate and reached where I am today.

VP: In this era where Green technology is given so much of importance, how justified do you think is a gaming venture as a Start up business?
Vishal: Gaming start ups are becoming important by the day. The entire online space; including Facebook, Twitter, etc have become a centre for gaming rather than the previously famous social networking centres. Rather than considering gaming ventures as a closed start up space, entrepreneurs need to take up the challenge to innovate in this area since the audience this market caters to is increasing day by day. One should not get intimidated by a start up space if it has been explored already. That is the space which actually provides a challenge and tests your abilities.

VP: How important do you think is an event like for start up businesses today?
Vishal: An event like this makes it comparatively easier for Start up businesses to showcase their products and ideas. Such a platform where investors and entrepreneurs can meet and discuss the market demands helps owners of Start up businesses go home with new and evo9lved ideas about their own products. One also gets to know the different spaces that are being explored and the spaces that have been forgotten. Thus such events are quite important for any Start up business entrepreneur.

VP: Any advice to entrepreneurs today?
Vishal: Don’t be afraid to explore the avenues present in front of you. Restricting your innovative streak stops your business from gaining success in the competitive markets today. If economic success is the ultimate goal you are looking at, the only way to reach it is to constantly be at your feet and have faith in your ideas till the end.

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Astha Hemant

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