An Ode to Human spirit

The light of the human spirit glows through these dark times,
In spite of the dark, brutal and heinous crimes;
The feeling of fear will last for a long
But we will fight it out for we are strong;


Our smile will make those tyrants realise,
Defeat is theirs, while our victory clearly reflects in our valiant eyes.
We, as a nation refuse to be a victim and accept our defeat
Our unity and strength is what the tyrants won’t be able to beat;


Cruel coward tyrants, who disrespect humanity,
Only belong to a religion called ‘Animosity’.
Our gallant soldiers fought and gave it all,
Some protected us even at the cost of their fall.
Their sacrifice will never go waste
For the ugly blot of terror will be wiped out and with haste.


For we won’t let them take away our peace
We will cure this deadly disease.
India is ours and we will live in no fear
It is our prerogative to ask for the welfare of the people so dear.


So here Mr. Terrorist, can you hear us now?
To defeat you once and for all, we vow
For you may think you won by killing our innocence
For you may think you robbed us of Humanity’s essence
But to tell the truth you have lost this battle to defeat our spirit
Because your coward tyrant acts would never defeat our grit.


So let’s come together in a silent prayer,
Lets pray so that, to defeat humanity no one will ever dare

Suhasini Mitra