An Ode to Wenger’s Pastry Shop

One of the oldest pastry shops of Delhi, Wenger’s Pastry Shop was established in the year 1926. A time when patties, cakes and pastries were almost unknown, Wenger’s introduced them to the Indian masses. Over the course of 75 years, Wenger’s has seen a lot of great personalities visiting its small pastry shop tucked in a corner of now what we call Inner Circle of Connaught place. The shop belonged to a British family who sold it to an Indian businessman, post independence. Since then, they have managed this shop wonderfully.

Pandit Nehru , Sardar Patel and the throngs of expatriates living in Lutyen’s, Delhi, have been the traditional patrons of this iconic pastry shop. Wenger’s was the first one to introduce the Indians to the delectable Chocolate Truffle, Apple Pies and the amazingly soft French breads. Over the years, there have been many additions to the menu, with handmade toffees and Indianised bakery biscuits, to a recent addition of cold coffee.

If you are in the neighbourhood and have filled yourself with truckloads of pastries, then just walk around the corner, to another historic shop of Delhi, Keventer’s Coffee. This is the only place in Delhi where one can get cold coffees and milk shakes in those ancient glass milk bottles, which we have seen umpteen times in Hollywood movies and Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Wenger’s Pastry Shop also offers an elaborate festive menu with many variations of the plum cake, rum cake and holiday candies. If you want to win the heart of your honey on Valentine’s Day gift her, a delicate designed heart shaped black forest cake or beautifully crafted candy bars is a good choice; and she wont even mind the extra calories.

This place is a must visit for anyone who has a sweet tooth and even if you don’t have one, once you tuck into a warm blueberry pie or a Belgian Dark Chocolate Truffle, you are bound to get it soon enough.

The prices of the pastries and breads are not sky high as one would expect: – the pastries are priced between Rs.20 to Rs.40 and the breads are generally a bit over Rs.150 for the entire loaf. If you do intend to visit the place, try going at late afternoons and early evenings, as this is when fresh batches of almost all the pastries are brought in and this is the best time to have them in winters, as Goldie Locks says “not too cold, not too warm…just right for me to eat.”

Wenger’s is a delight for anyone and everyone who love the small joys that come from nibbling onto pastries and the messy patties which leaves little tid-bits all around your face, telling tales of how much you enjoyed the crispy wonder filled with aloo, paneer or chicken bits.

Many of us, who have had the pleasure of eating in such a place, can tell you many a tales about the sheer magic of the food, which no pastry across the globe can replicate. Many five star hotels have taken a bow against the might of this tiny shop on the taste buds of the masses. So, drive down to Wenger’s Pastry Shop and take me along!

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