An Open Letter to All The ‘Nationals’: From A Frustrated Indian Youth

India and youth

Dear ‘Nationals’,

Before you brand me as an ISIS sympathizer, a female LeT operative, or worse still, an anti-national, hear me out.  Yes, I am absolutely outraged at what’s currently happening in this country in the name of nationalism. No, I am not going to sit here and prove my patriotism to you.

I am here to ask questions and seek answers. I am here to exercise my freedom of speech and expression, something that my country’s constitution has granted me with and no one can take that away from me.

I’m outraged at how we have reduced ourselves to blithering idiots in front of the world. I say that because we have proved it time and time again. We are a democracy which does not tolerate dissent. We are a nation of bigoted fools who base our judgements on skewed logic and baseless rumours.

This is not about JNU. This is not about Kanhaiya Kumar or Umar Khalid. This is not about Rohith Vemula, this is not about FTII, and this is not about the #OccupyUGC movement. This is about all of us, each one of us. This about the youth of this country!

We, the youth of this country, are being robbed of a future. We are being cheated of our own rights. We are being treated as a bunch of cattle who, in a bid to be branded as patriots; have to shut our mouths, close our eyes and block our ears.


You question the paltry amount used in subsidies for the JNU students, you do not question the subsidies in the parliament canteen for our fattened politicians?

When did the news channels become the courts of India? How is it okay for journalists to defile students, call them terrorists and, forge videos and basically put them on a media trial before the law does?

When did it become legal for lawyers and policemen to assault people openly and then brazenly gloat about it? Is this the epitome of patriotism?

How is it okay for the custodians of the law to become barbarians and authoritarians?

You want to compare the sacrifice of an Indian soldier to thwart the arguments of the people who dare to question, yet you did not raise an eyebrow, when the veterans who have served this country sat on an indefinite hunger strike at Jantar Mantar for their basic right to pension?

You question what happens in JNU, you do not question what happens in the dark districts of this country when people of lower rungs of the society are beaten and raped and stripped and burned?

Why didn’t you question when the politicians were spending crores of taxpayers’ money on ‘Mahayagnas and Hawanas’  and statues of themselves, while the poor farmers were committing suicides because they couldn’t pay their debts of a few thousand rupees?

Where were your questions when the Vyapam scam happened?  Where were your questions when people were murdered in the name of religion and meat? Where are your questions when the law is flouted openly in favour of the rich and famous?

When we point out the faults of the current government you give us the preposterous argument that the UPA government was worse, well guess what, we are not buying that. That is precisely the reason we changed the government.

Ever heard of that saying, two wrongs don’t make a right?


You have taken this word ‘Nationalism’, twisted it, distorted it and have used it to wage your own  personal little wars and push forward your political propagandas. You have brandished it as such a dirty word that no one wants to be associated with it.

Don’t you see what you’re doing? You’re taking the finest resource this country has; its youth, and turning them against their own country. You are the reason behind the brain drain, because the environment is not conducive enough for them to live life on their terms? The youth is this country’s only shot at redemption, so stop treating us like lab rats to suit your political agendas.

I am questioning everything that is wrong with this country and I will continue to oppose anything and everything that I feel is wrong or that violates my personal rights, because in a democracy, dissent is not a crime, but a vital right.

Jai Hind!


A Frustrated Indian

Shireen Azizi

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