An Open Letter to Arvind Kejriwal


Dear Mr. Chief Minister To-Be,

At the very outset, I would like to congratulate you for your landslide victory in Delhi’s elections. When your party formed the government in 2013, people were happy, yes, but also admittedly skeptical. When you resigned in the winter of 2014, your skeptics were proved correct, and your supporters, like me, utterly disappointed. Your political opponents were quick in dismissing you as a non-serious player in politics, who escaped as soon as responsibility came his way. After your party’s disastrous and insignificant performance in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, most people forgot you. I suspect that would have been rather hard for you. You, however, are a man of strength, Sir. You rose once again, and your political opponents watched stunned. To tell you the truth, I too was rather incredulous of the political resurrection of your party.  But today, I, along with the nation, have seen history being written in front of our eyes, a history that has been written by a common man of my country.

Your journey until now has been truly inspirational. But the path you choose from hereon will decide the longevity of this inspiration. You beseeched your supporters to give you a second chance after you left Delhi politically handicapped and helpless for more than a year. What we have given you, Sir, is more than a chance. You said you were forced to abandon us because we did not elect you with a clear majority. What we have done in 2015, is the maximum we could do for you. Do not leave us stranded again, Sir. Along with you, each of your supporters has relentlessly defended you. Do not let them down this time.

You have raised and underscored the importance of the issues of the common man, and suddenly we saw the dinner-table conversations that hitherto took place in the households of the aam janta, capturing the imagination of the entire political class. Your opponents, who scorned and mocked at you, were seen desperately trying to come to terms with the issues you raised. You set the terms of this battle, Sir. Now, however, you will have to strike a balance between the aam and not-so-aam issues. You have until now scarcely talked about quintessentially political issues, and that worked for you. But ruling a state is not the same as addressing a rally, Sir, and I am sure you are well aware of this fact. You made the transition from a social activist to a politician rather admirably. We sincerely hope that you make the transition from being a politician to an administrator with similar ease.

Your party has defeated the political giants of this nation in their game because you promised us change. Don’t forget that, Sir.  Politicians of this country have a tendency to make emotional appeals to an emotional electorate, only to later abandon them. Do not become an old-styled-neta, Sir, for then, you will have no exclusivity, and you will be defeated and mercilessly eliminated by parties which specialize in treachery and dirty politics.

You warned your party members against arrogance and vanity. It was indeed very reassuring. But remember your words, Sir. The Indian electorate has proved time and again, that as emotional it may be, it does not forgive those who get too drunk on power. The first family of Indian politics which ruled the country unchallenged, has been mercilessly punished by the electorate. This is amply illustrative of the fact the new-age Indian voter cannot be taken for granted. Do not take us for granted, Sir.

Finally, as a woman supporter of your party, I am compelled to urge you increase the representation of women in your party. It is highly disappointing that a new-age party, promising change and development, has only 6 female candidates out of 70. Moreover, when you seek to bring about gender equality in the state, do not do so within a patriarchal and protectionist framework. Promise us freedom and not policing.

In your victory speech today, you said that the people’s overwhelming support for you scared you. Do not get scared, Sir. For as long as you stick to your promises and serve the people who have made you a not-very-aam aadmi, despite your insistence on being one, you have no reason to be scared. We are a loyal people, and as long as we are not deceived and betrayed, we will continue to stand behind you.

Wishing you all the luck in your endeavor to bring change,

Yours faithfully,
A Delhi Stakeholder

Sanya Dhingra

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Image Source: [The Viewspaper]