An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of India


The Prime Minister of India

With due Love and Respect

Sir, as we inch closer to August 15, with our country turning 64, let me as an honest citizen, dare to put forth to my government some recommendations. Though I am in no authority to do so, I am still presuming that it is a people’s government.

I advocate an increased funding and regulation for higher education, especially in the engineering and technology sections. There are thousands of private Engineering colleges forced on Indian youth today, and most of them are owned by the powerful elite. This powerful elite in the process of bending laws to meet their suitability turn out more as a money churning institution rather than a centre for learning. It is for this reason that most of the HR managers globally take Indian Engineers as nothing better than supervisors (any diploma holder can also do the needful). I am not talking about fine engineers from IITs or NITs here. With more than 11 lakh students giving the All India Engineering Entrance Exam, consisting of a few thousand seats, one cannot blame an individual for a bad rank based on his performance in a 3 hour objective exam. I don’t think everybody has a fair chance in this fierce competition.

Therefore sir, everybody turning out towards private Engineering Colleges is not a looser. There is enough talent in those students as well. But given the infrastructure, frustratingly ill qualified faculty and equally frustrating high fees, their talents go wasted. They end up being engineers only by name, jobless or a job of like 6000/- rupees or so. Whereas on the other hand there is an intense demand for Engineers both in the domestic and international market. The problem Sir, is not unemployment but unemploybility. There is no dearth of employment opportunities but there is a dearth of employable engineers. Just a little done from your side sir, can help millions.

I am one of the greatest admirers of the loan interest subsidy scheme of your government but Sir please also ensure that these shopkeepers turn so called deans follow some minimum quality standards, and this minimum should be decided in the most judicious manner possible.  An Iron Hand is needed for this purpose. These people are well capable of getting away with weak and feeble laws.  It is good to have private public partnership, but something that is most important is public welfare.

One more thing sir, Ayurveda- the ancient Indian Medicine Science deserves our special attention. This particular style of medicine is so special not only because it has no side effects but also because it has stood all tests of time. Although there has been practically no investment in the R&D facility of it and still the measures directed by Charak are still used, it is serving as an excellent alternative to the current Allopathic form of treatment which is backed by tremendous funding.

These two moves will not only improve self confidence of Indians but also enhance the confidence of others in India. This will also strengthen India’s role as a world Leader.
Jai Hind.

Adish Aggarwal

The author is more of a Extrovert. Loves making friends. Enjoys Political debates and similar chit chats. A big fan and follower of Urdu Mushayaras. Professionally he is a Mechanical Engineer by training, doing his final year from NIT Hamirpur.