An Undecided Fate of UPA

If it had been the beginning of 2010 then, anyone could have predicted that in the next Lok Sabha elections, due in 2014, UPA’s victory is confirmed. However, in the present scenario (corruption crisis and rising opposition) nobody can be sure about UPA being able to make it to its 3rd consecutive tenure.

The turn of events since 2010 has led to a larger consensus that UPA has failed to tackle corruption. The image of Congress, to some extent Manmohan Singh’s too, has got irrevocably tarnished in the midst of the 2-G scam, appointment of P J Thomas as the Chief Vigilance Commissioner, the Adarsh society scam and the Common Wealth Games scam. On the top of it, the winter session was completely washed out over the demand for JPC, which was ultimately formed in the Budget session. The inefficiency of the government to deal with corruption has resulted in bringing a bad name to the party and its leaders.

It is not solely corruption that has made the citizens unhappy. The inefficiency or rather ignorance in dealing with various national and regional problems has taken away all the hopes that people had from UPA. The unresolved issues of North-East & Kashmir, lack substantial steps to deal with Naxalism and terrorism, the delay in taking a judgment over Telangana; all has disappointed the citizens.

Apart from the people’s support there are other factors also, which are working against UPA. The opposition is rising. Its legitimate demand for JPC, good debate on Budget 2011-12 by Sushma Swarj, etc is working in their benefit. In such a scenario, would the Congress be able to maintain its hold? It becomes more important to ask this question because NDA has taken up the development on top of its agenda in Gujarat and Bihar, there are sure shot chances that they will win from these states. And, if BJP sheds off its stale principle of politics, manages the distinctive views within its top party leaders and works well with its alliance, as it did in Bihar, then they have a bright future.

The recent consideration by DMK to pull off support from the alliance has further shaken the Congress because it became a threat to its position in parliament. However, everything is fine between the two parties now, the issue of contention i.e. the demand for 63 seats by Congress in Assembly elections is taken care of by DMK.

The acceptance of ‘error of judgment’ in the appointment of PJ Thomas as CVC and alliance-pressure in appointment of A. Raja as Telecom Minister by the prime minister has raised questions over his integrity. Neither the Cabinet reshuffle nor the live press conference has been able to win back the public support for Congress. The PM and UPA are constantly being criticized by public, media and opposition.

It seems that the UPA is in a very fragile state and the slightest turn of events can change its future for better or for worse. If in the 2014 elections UPA doesn’t win then it won’t come as a surprise. Who would the people trust, UPA or NDA? Maybe, they’ll choose the one which proves itself better than the other, rather the other worse than itself. Let’s just hope that at least one of them rises up to the expectations of the new young India.

Shikha Nehra

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