An Artist Of A Different Kind

writer.bmpWriting is something that most of the educated or rather literate population of this world is capable of doing. Most of us are competent enough to sign names ,write applications, letters, reports and numerous other documents with just a basic knowledge of reading and writing. Broadly speaking, all of the mentioned are an amalgamation of words suited to a particular task, conveying the appropriate message and helping people communicate.

Well then what makes an author or a poet stand apart?? The graphic formation of letters is the same, but it is the soul, the life that they bring to their writing that makes the difference. Most people simply put words down on paper, however the writers, of different genres put down thoughts that reflect a harmonious unison of the heart and mind.

Just like a painter paints each stroke with as much precision yet making it unique,  similarly every writer has a unique expression. I may sound prejudiced or biased, but I personally feel that words can encompass the beauty of most of the other arts; however their own beauty can’t be appreciated otherwise. For instance a painting or a piece of music can be suitably applauded in words but a painting can’t be a form of appreciation for prose.

In writing, each emotion is highlighted in a manner that only the hearts that are willing to be touched get moved, nonetheless, for others it is still a form of novelty. Words power imaginations, give life to dreams and writers give us these words. Yet, ironically most of these great artists are hardly recognized in their lifetime. One of the reasons being that they are beyond mediocrity, a mediocrity that the masses thrive on, almost all their life. A writer’s intellect can be understood only if it is not viewed with pre-conceived notions. Our minds have to be like wet cement, open to impressions, each written piece making its own mark; a few on the surface and the others quite strong like etchings on the heart, indelible for eternity…

Meghna Baveja