Analysis of Political Ideology and Situations

Divided Andhra??

So we are a global village now they say? United world? United Asia?

Forget the whole world or a continent for that matter, even states within a country cannot stay united it seems!

Telangana is a region which was merged with Andhra Pradesh in 1956 after much thought and contemplation by the Indian Government. A Gentleman’s Agreement was signed between the Andhra and Telangana before the merger. The agreement was aimed at safeguarding the interests of the Telangana, that there would be no step sister behavior doled out to it by Andhra Pradesh. But there have been allegations since the time it became a part of Andhra that this agreement has been breached and no heed has been paid to it. It has been claimed that Andhra has been blind to its needs and that there has been no development in the region.

While this might be true, what is revolting is that the politicians have taken up the Telangana cause not with earnest but with selfish motives. It all seems to be a big political power game for everybody. The issue has been on a hold for years and came to light just a little after the Chief Minister of State Dr Rajashekhar Reddy passed away. Many grief-stricken followers committed suicide, such was his popularity. The state had barely recovered from the gloom that pervaded after his death and this Separate Telangana demand has put the state in a tussle again.

Telangana Rashtra Samiti President K Chandrasekhara Rao(KCR) created a huge stir by his fast unto death for a separate Telangana and sent the whole state into a tizzy.

He put up this whole show of the Knight in shining armor for the downtrodden, neglected and oppressed people of Telangana. If this was really so, why could he not fight for what is right with a more firm stand?? Why were most of his supporter’s young impressionable college students, who can be easily swayed by glib politicians for their own selfish means?

This is what our politicians are best at: Brainwashing innocent people.

There was disruption of public property, burning of buses and curfews.

The separate State decision is still on a hold. We do not know if the split will happen. What we do know is because of all this, many students careers could be jeopardised because of the vast syllabus lag that took place thanks to all the rallies, agitation and bandhs.

Because of the unrest that ensued over this, a lot of investors withdrew from Andhra Pradesh. No profit has really come out of it. Instead, it has hit the common man‘s pocket. The public buses have almost doubled their rates, from where else can they pay for damages?

KCR probably has only one motive to be the Chief Minister. And he knows he can never achieve the feat, except if there is a new state formed!

If his heart really aches so much for the neglected Telangana, why can he not work into developing it, instead of spending money for political causes and demonstrations.

And the Congress seems to be backing all this.

The man actually said on National television that Sonia Gandhi is like his mother!.

For some of us, it was more a tantrum by a sour loser who could not hold his ground in the elections.

He goes on a hunger strike and the whole nation is worried, so they decide to pass a bill on a separate state but common people go on to a fast for a united Andhra and they are jailed and beaten up!.The most ironic part is that all these leaders when they were in power never made such a hue and cry over it back then. What held back their unsurpassing love for Telengana then? They think they can wear their sheepskin with élan and nobody would know!

Politics has become synonymous with power play.

May be a Separate Telangana is really needed for the betterment of the people. But why so much of havoc for it? What is imperative is that this problem should be solved. Our country is a democracy, for the people, by the people, of the people. Then why not just put it on a vote by the common man? If that is not feasible, then a thorough research should be carried out on the situation of Telanagana with no frills and theatrics and a just decision should be made. Political figures who have a sway over people should not misuse their authority and create a messy situation.

May be the Justice Krishna Committee instituted by the Central Government for going into the whole Telangana issue in all its aspects is the right answer! Let us fingers crossed until the report is placed in the Indian Parliament after 31st December 2010, the deadline for Justice Krishna to submit his recommendations.

Sneha Jaiswal