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Delhi, the capital of the country that is India, the city of hopes, aspirations and everything big….the city of dichotomies, that exist between the rich and the poor, a city where the life never seems to come to a standstill was made to pause and ponder due to the five bomb blasts that became a part of history out of a script completely at odds with one’s imagination and expectation. The bomb blasts like many that have occurred in the country in recent times have evoked reactions of shock, disgust, concern and most of all fear. Its impact was so strong that it united the people of this otherwise undivided city.

Each one calling the other to check on their loved ones, acquaintances and people who are not so much a part of your scheme of life any more….This re-emergence of links bears testimony to the fact that despite being successful in their attempts to create a scare in the effervescent city of Delhi they have only undone what millions of politicians and religious leaders have tried to do, i.e., separate people on the basis of their religion. If nothing else it has brought human beings closer, made them value and respect human life. Nonetheless, this and nothing else would ever be able to discount/compensate the physical, mental and moral damage to the body and the soul caused to the people killed, their kin and those injured. These unfortunate events also re-raise various questions about the vulnerability of our security system, ineptness of the intelligence forces and the biggest and most serious one being about who is to be blamed. While, the media will resort to its own tactics to try and embroil the wilful politicians all over in a blame game just to expose the immature attitude and disregard for those who have lost their lives and those who could have, it is for the citizens of the largest democracy in the world to stand up and set a precedent to try and take all the preventive measures possible by staying united and not engaging in futile discussions about what to do and what not to do but just doing things.

This blast has angered us as to why these fundamentalists target innocent people, who have no direct relation whatsoever to their agendas and tenets. Why do they terrorise poor, innocent souls? Do they not have a family that they care for and who cares for them the same way? Is religion so big that people have to kill other people? While, there is no answer to these questions, one can only pray that they would just stop, stop for the sake of humanity, so that the world that exists today and the one that might exist does not feel this palpable sense of loss that we do today……

Kritika Tiwari

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