And the Oscar goes to…

Chatting on the Facebook with a ballerina, stammering in your expressions, planning for a mountain climbing hike, when you suddenly wake up and realize that it was a dream.

Well that is the 83rd Annual Academy Awards’ Best Film nominations in a nut shell that are going up this Sunday night for the biggest crown. 2010 was a great palatable year in which a wide range of topics and stories were screened on celluloid. Here’s a look at some of them (Top 5 from my side) and their chances in bagging the Oscar.

Inception: A mind bender, mind numbing story which sends you into a trance and is repulsively attracting. Christopher Nolan’s dream project has been a subject of many a debate ranging from its loopholes and science taken too far to the sheer applause for its scale in every which way it is pulled out. Best Film? It would be a dream come true for Nolan although it is very unlikely.

Black Swan: Horror, macabre and perfection gone too far. The complexity of Nina (Natalie Portman) being caught in conflicting personalities – a fragile delicate perfectionist and a free flowing effusive side – sees her battling the demons within herself. Darren Aronofsky delivers a compelling narrative which is abominable and shattering, yet it soars high and takes you in to the world of ballets and its beautiful as well as grotesque aspects. Natalie has come of age and is definitely the front runner for the best actress but the Best Film Oscar would be a surprise.

The Social Network: Logged in! One of the best movies of the year and the front runner for the Oscar, The Social Network is addictive, much like the website. Based on the book The Accidental Billionares by Ben Mezrich, writer Aaron Sorkin and director David Fincher have produced a simple yet effective storyline. Jesse Eisenberg excels in portraying Mark Zuckerberg and who doesn’t like in seeing a genius or an Icon’s frailties? That is what gets The Social Network going- showcasing insecurities and playing on emotions and a grey characterization of the central character opened to debate. It’s definitely the hottest and coolest film of the year.

The King’s Speech: Colin Firth has always been there and about and last year he came close to bagging the Oscar (A Single Man). This time around he is definitely the odds on favourite in getting the best actor prize, for his portrayal of King George VI, but also there’s a big chance that The King’s Speech might sweep the Oscars. Centralizing on the premise of battling your flaws and overcoming them, The King’s Speech is set in the times of pre Second World War when the Duke of York got the throne against his wishes. Obviously many things go in favour of The King’s Speech with the jury’s tilt towards the royalty and war time movies as a historical fact to ponder upon. But due to the excellent supporting cast and Tom Hooper’s refreshing take at the colonial times, The King’s Speech may have that X-factor which takes it across the line.

127 hours: He sweeped Oscars two years ago with Slumdog Millionaire and the latest offering from Danny Boyle is a winner in every right. Based on a true story, an event of Aron Ralston’s (played by James Franco) when he went hiking in 2003 to John Canyon, Utah. A calamitous experience is what followed and Ralston was trapped beneath a boulder for the title of the film. It’s a winner for showcasing the epitome of human grit and perseverance.

Well that’s the review of the chances of top five in this year’s Oscars. The King Speech on top of the contenders list closely followed by The Social network and Black Swan with 127 Hours and Inception coming next.

The Fighter, True Grit, Toy Story 3 and The Kids Are All Right and Winter’s Bone round up the nominations in the Best Film category, all have a miniscule chance in getting the Oscar.

A glittering night at the Kodak theatre beckons this Sunday.

Aatish Sharma

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