And the saga continues. . .

What is the essence of a woman?? Being born as a woman is itself the greatest essence. A question that was put up to Sushmita Sen at the miss universe pageant and an answer that changed her life forever, an answer that won us the miss universe crown for the first time. Very true. Being born as a woman itself is the greatest quality that makes a woman what she is and surely it could not have been answered well by any one else but an Indian woman.
Women, as we all read ‘in history’, were once concentrated to the four walls of the house. It has taken great pains to reach where the present women is. In a male chauvinist society its like a dream come true.She has been locked up,,put down, unjustly treated by men for so many years. Men could never tolerate women encroaching upon their domain.Men argued at every step that they had the exclusive privilege of controlling the destiny of the nation and that they will defend their freedom of ruling over the female sex.The female folk however remained patient and determined until their efforts paid off. women have been kept in virtual slavery, unfairly paid and have been called mad whosoever tried to lead the agitation in favor of the women.
Not few were the problems faced by women to attain their own individuality. they were furious that men did not respect their tender feelings and saw them as an object to fulfill their desire. Now the women were determined to teach a bitter lesson to the males. The desperate struggle of women to have their individual identity indicates the deep-seated prejudice against the opposite sex. Ultimately women succeeded and their determination paid off.
Now women are no longer restricted to household work. They are not deprived of education or any other basic necessity needed to grow into a responsible citizen nor are they looked down upon or suppressed easily.The journey of women folk is a remarkable testimony of the highly commendable endeavors put forth by women for protecting and conserving their pride and prestige.
Women have proved themselves in every sphere of life. They are no less than menfolk. They can better talk politics than men and that they are not brainless. They have the same wisdom and wit as men folk.
It’s not a men’s world. both men and women are a part of society. They have equal roles to play and this should be kept in mind especially by those who still have a bit of a sexist inside them.
Srishti Rana