And the Razzies Go To……

raspberry.jpgEveryone’s talking about the Academy Awards, and the wonder of motion picture, and Hollywood, and No Country For Old Men. Everybody seems to be fixated with Cate Blanchett’s ‘baby bump’ and what she wore to the Kodak Theatre. But what no one seems to be talking about is another set of awards that is equally popular, though in a “notorious” sense of the word. The Golden Raspberry Awards, more commonly going by the moniker “Razzies”, are given out a day before the Oscars. So was the case this year. The Razzies seek to honour some of the most terrible movies made in a cinema year, and actors who do not seem to be aware of the basics of their trying trade. From ‘Material Girl’ Madonna to Oscar winner Halle Berry, the Razzies 2008 were dominated by two notable movies – Lindsay Lohan’s I Know Who Killed Me, and Eddie Murphy’s Norbit. Lohan’s movie won a record eight Razzie awards, surpassing the seven Razzies won earlier by Showgirls (1995) and Battlefield Earth (2000). The movie won awards for worst director (for Chris Sivertson), worst screenplay, worst excuse for a Hollywood movie, worst remake or rip-off, worst screen couple (since Lohan portrayed two identical-looking characters), worst actress, and worst film of the year. Eddie Murphy won the worst actor for Norbit. The selectors also “honoured” him for worst supporting actor and worst supporting actress for the same movie. I Know Who Killed Me was released in the thriller genre. But it is anything like that. In fact, the movie is full of blood, gore, grisly violence (even featuring torture), sexuality and nudity (Lohan playing the protagonist). Aubrey Fleming (Lohan’s character) is tortured mercilessly by a psychopathic serial killer, who takes pleasure in amputating her arm and repeatedly stabbing her. After disappearing, Fleming apparently turns into Dakota Moss, a character that the former had created as a part of a story in her English assignment. It is a bit too much for impressionable minds and children to take in. Lohan plays these two identical characters and is present in every clip and frame throughout, subjecting the viewers to the horrors of her wooden acting skills, leaving them to concentrate on the hackneyed movie sets – spooky castles, deep dark forests – something seemingly out of a child’s mystery story. The movie continuously strays from its actual plot to concentrate on the bloody aspects, leaving the viewers stunned and even traumatised. It seems as if a bout of lunacy had prevailed over Sivertson while directing the movie. Or maybe Lohan’s charisma came calling in full force and made it what it is. But then it is a severe thought. Brian Robbins-directed Norbit tells the story of Murphy who is married to a humongous-sized woman (also played by Murphy). Murphy, as the monstrous Rasputin, was simply too unbearable, jowls of flesh hanging everywhere. It is a wonder why Rasputin had to dress the way she is dressed in the movie – cleavage-revealing dresses, et al. The movie was actually supposed to be humourous, but ended up as crass and un-funny. The same cliched jokes about fat people and numerous sexual innuendos will not make the viewers recommend it outside the theatre. It was absolutely no treat to watch Murphy’s goofball and supposedly-comical antics. It was tough competition between Murphy and Lohan. But the latter prevailed in the end, riding on a sympathy wave. 2007 was Lohan’s annus horribilis, during which she had several run-ins with the law and the ubiquitous papparazzi, was arrested twice, had three stints in rehab, and spent time in community service. Neither Lohan nor Murphy was present to accept their bounty of awards. Lohan should have been present at the ceremony, as the awards gave her another bright spot on her career resume. These are the ‘winners’…

Worst Film: I Know Who Killed Me

Worst Actor: Eddie Murphy (Norbit)

Worst Actress (tie): Lindsay Lohan as Aubrey and Dakota (I Know Who Killed Me)

Worst Remake or Rip-off: I Know Who Killed Me Worst Prequel/Sequel: Daddy Day Camp

Worst Director: Chris Siverston (I Know Who Killed Me)

Worst Screenplay: Jeffrey Hammond (I Know Who Killed Me)

Worst Excuse for A Horror Movie: I Know Who Killed Me

Moonmoon Ghosh

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