Angst With Breasts And Vagina

#BanOfBodyCover your body because it shows too much of skin making you vulnerable in the eyes of rapey men, don’t cover your body as it symbolizes the religion you are following and then you might be a victim of islamophobia, don’t wear a spaghetti because the world doesn’t know that you wear a bra, don’t tell the world that you have breasts, nobody wants to entice anyone with a strap, right?

In our country, while many girls are asked to cover themselves up; in France, the mayors are busy asking women to shed their clothes. What is a woman supposed to wear, or to not wear? What should we do?

Everything in our body must be covered, so as to rake up a person’s imagination or because full clothes aren’t a direct invitation for the male species to touch me. The world knows the shorter the clothes the more convenient and acceptable the occurrence of a harassment becomes. It has been always that a woman’s character can be judged by a piece of clothing she adorns. If someone comes for ‘bride-viewing’, a girl must be dressed in respected clothes, because it proclaims the character.

Yes, a piece of fabric sings the song of our character.

However, such conflicting views about a women’s clothing is finally getting to my head, and confusing me. Everyone becomes a fashion police when it comes to women clothes, a guy wearing nothing but boxer while walking on the road wont bat as much an eyelid as girl dressed in a salwar kameez will. Society judgment ceases when it comes to guys, they store up the entire stock for the second and the third gender. Because who would want to challenge the first gender, they are supposed to be worshipped and not confronted.

Our prestigious board CBFC, recently asked the makers of the movie to delete a scene when the actress isn’t wearing a bra in the upcoming movie Baar Baar Dekho. It is apt, because we don’t have breasts, and we don’t wear bra or stay without one, obviously movies exaggerate everything. Should we wait for some government guideline that will help us in our confusion of what to wear and what not to wear? Are we soon going to have a law- ask the man in power or the government on our everyday attire?

So, all in all, I have some conflicted dress codes that a woman should abide by- don’t wear a full clothed garment because then people will treat you differently assuming you to follow the controversial religion; don’t wear shorts or skirts because that invites unnecessary and judgments towards your questionable character; don’t go out without wearing a bra no one likes to draw attention to the fact that your body is comprised of a pair of breasts, which would be a boon if you want a taste of maternity; don’t go out wearing a bra because if your strap is visible, its doom on our patriarchal normed society, and we won’t to give them a heartache or burn over our dress code right?

I am confused and apparently lost in the way of dressing up, this is the basic fight, the fight for my body, education, career, respect is still a long way to go.

Sometimes I think, if I were a man, people would listen to me and say ‘okay’ rather than getting scandalized by my thoughts. And that my friends, is my easy, unattainable, and breathy lala land.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper