Anna Hazare and His Campaign

It’s been just few days since it started and has caught the attention of one and all. Something that has sent waves of fear and insecurity to the people in chairs at top positions in the country.

Something that is doing rounds of discussions at every dining table in families these days. Exactly, you rightly guessed it. I’m talking about Anna Hazare, the face of India’s fight against

corruption. April 5, 2011, a date that will be remembered by the complete nation as it started the fight against the deadliest devil prevailing in our country-corruption.

Anna Hazare who was not so well known before, actual name Kisan Baburao Hazare born in 1940 hails from Ralegan Siddhi, Ahmednagar-a district in Maharashtra. He has served in the Indian Army and was

one among many in the Indo-Pak war of 1965. He is known for the complete transformation of his village that includes work like improvised milk production, uprooting alcoholism, removal of

untouchability, watershed development programmes, etc. He is also known for Right to Information movement. And today he is much well known for his fight against corruption in India.

The fight originally started in 1991 when he formed Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan (People’s Movement against Corruption). He took hunger strike as a tool then also and his prime targets were

politicians. He has always made it a point to raise a voice against those corrupt people. It first happened in 1995-96 during Sena-BJP government in Maharashtra when two corrupt Cabinet ministers

were forced to resign. And again in 2003, he forced Congress-NCP government to set up an investigation against four ministers. Definitely the fight is not new but it has come with a big bang this

time. He has asked the government to implement Jan Lokpal Bill (People’s Ombudsman Bill) drafted by members of civil society that envisions speedy action against corruption cases against everyone,

as usual emphasizing ministers and senior bureaucrats.

He started the fast unto death campaign on  April 5, 2011 to press for the demand of forming a joint committee of government officials and civil society to draft a new bill with stronger penal

actions and more independence to Lokpal. The movement got support from the complete nation all over the media and social networking sites. On facebook, the page “Support Anna Hazare against

corruption in India” has 226,496 likes. A very clear indication that people are also fed up of corruption in our country. From politicians, social activist, media persons to Bollywood, everyone has

come forward in his support. It definitely implies that people want an end to the rampant corrupt practices in the country. On  April 8, the government agreed to all the demands and on 9th issued a

notice on formation of a joint committee. The committee is supposed to have 5 members from the government and 5 members from the civil society. The govt. nominees comprise of Pranab Mukherjee, P

Chidambram, M. Veerappa Moily, Kapil Sibal and Salmaan Khurseed. The nominees from civil society comprises of Anna Hazare, Santosh Hegde, Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal.
One fine morning when you get up and see a movement that is making headlines; definitely it is not the outcome of a sudden thought but the consequence of people sufferings for long. The poor people

are affected the most as the quintessential elements of living become out of their reach. It is a vicious cycle: inflation-corruption-inflation. There is disparity between the rich and poor. The

divide is widening; rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer. Not only this but also if a person from a bourgeoisie is caught in corrupt practices, actions are taken against him but if some

bureaucrat and politician is caught doing so, the cases remain pending for years and years and finally shut.  All this causes restlessness among masses. The funds that are allocated for the welfare

and development of society never really show the desired output. The root cause of all the problems is that no one bothers to find the root cause. Everyone talks big but performs nill.

After all this why would the nation not raise their voice against corruption in such a case?

Such a movement is definitely expected to bring strong results because no matter the movement is started by few but is desired by all. The complete nation is coming forward for it. This is the

reason why our Prime Minister also spoke recently that people are in no mood to procrastinate the issue and are hell bent to achieve the desired result. With the increasing awareness among the

people, the movement is expected to be a huge success and bore the fruitful results. The transparent and corrupt free India is not expected to be of good to people only but to the nation as a

whole. This will strengthen the country’s economy with equal distribution of wealth, resources being utilized effectively, less or reduced black marketing and misappropriation of funds. A feeling

of satisfaction will prevail among all. With the wealth being properly utilized, policies functioning properly, everyone getting his/her share of accolade and profit and taste of country’s success,

the fight against corruption will result in healthier and happier INDIA.

Karanvir Gupta

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