Another Bomb Blast….Lessons to take!

Once again the unanimous breaking news of media all across the nation is “Bomb Blasts!!!” This time again the venue is New Delhi- the Lifeline of India. The blasts occurred in a crowded market of Mehrauli in South Delhi in broad daylight.. The bombs were in a lunch box which was dropped by two people on a motorcycle. A child succumbed to death and approximately 18 people are severely injured. These terrorists are targeting Delhi so frequently with a motive to disrupt normal life and their long term goal obviously is to adversely affect the pace at which India is galloping.

Recently, there were attacks in Islamabad too, the capital of the very country which is being suspected, to provide shelter to the nastiest of the militants. The ruthless life-takers eyed the 5-star hotel Marriott in Islamabad on a Saturday night, when the occupancy of the hotel was 100%. It was a suicide bombing which took almost 20 lives and injured over 200 people as per the present statistics.

The fore-mentioned two latest bomb attacks have a profound message for governments across the globe. In view of the rampant terrorist attacks, one experiences a sense of fear before stepping out of one’s house and this fear has gripped one and all… It’s high time all the nations should come together to combat a malady which seems to be growing at an unusually fast pace and it must be checked before it goes out of hand.. Especially for developing nations like India and Pakistan, it’s very important to deal with these tribulations as soon as possible. These bomb blasts can prove fatal for the socio-economic conditions of the third world countries. The first step towards this should be to stop the blame game which both these nations have been indulging in for quite sometime now. If these nations cannot build mutual trust and respect, then dealing with a problem which is as huge and as grave as terrorism is next to impossible.

I feel one more time; it has been made obvious that these so called rebels do not belong to any religion or country. There are just a bunch of highly irrational people who seem to have vouched to malign a highly sacred religion. They are using bomb blasts as a tool to make their presence felt and disrupt the normal life of people world over. The terrorists want to instill trepidation in the minds of the people, and in the process after our psychological thought process. Though, we make get back to our routine post-blasts, one cannot overlook the aftermath of these disturbing events.

But the most important lesson is for the terrorists who exhaust all their might in these horrific bombings. They should understand that they can definitely kill several random innocent people but there is nothing tangible that they can achieve. In the long run, they would turn out to be the biggest losers since they won’t be able to fulfill their highly obnoxious motives. They would just end up maligning the motives and notions that they consider are highly chaste and sacred!!


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