Another Gandhi?

Who doesn’t know about Anna Hazare and his purpose but how worthy and effective is it really?
Congress comes out as a failure in so many ways it’s actually shocking. It’s just like during the emergency when Jay Prakash Narayan tried to protest and his followers were jailed for those who don’t know what happened then see . Well Indira Gandhi had to step down and Morarji Desai became Prime Minister.
Cut to today Anna Hazare emerges as a selfless man fighting for the benefit of the youth and the future generations to make India corruption free , is it possible ? Who knows until we try . From lawyers to Dabbawallas everyone is on strike to support this 74 year old man while he fasts for the country. A peaceful struggle to make India free of corruption and making politicians more responsible for their actions. Are they saying that the 2G spectrum scam would not have happened if the Lokpal Bill existed ? Everyone talks about the problems they face because of the corruption in the government offices and institutions covering all areas , but what are they doing about it. Until each person takes a personal call and decides not to resort to corruption nothing will improve.
Let me give you an example to explain how corruption in India really is …it’s like you need to enter a building, it has a big door and a guard stands at the entrance and refuses to let you enter until you tip him so what do u do ? You desperately want to get into the building but you say NO to corruption and choose to stay out . While you wait for the guard to change his mind someone else walks by gives him a hefty tip and enters the building with pomp and there you are doing the right thing but missing the opportunity .
Yeah it’s a sad story and yes changes have to be made from the roots but Anna and his men are fighting for a very far- fetched and fairytailish goal but they are fighting and they are trying . Cynicism comes to Indians very easily but this time it looks like India is talking in one voice fighting for one cause and acting like one person.
Manmohan Singh as PM disappoints in so many ways , they are always calling him a mere follower of Sonia Gandhi’s thoughts and orders , but now what’s the problem, she isn’t here and it’s his time to take a call. He’s not a normal politician , he’s well educated with a sound mind and yet he fails to perform. Why ? Why did he let the issue reach this level ? Why did he promise something and do something else ? Why did he have to imprison Anna ? Why did he not think of talking it out and coming to a consensus. ? I don’t know but the Congress is going to pay for this and how .
As India reaches to extend their support to Anna Ii hope he succeeds and his energy stays just the way it is. They call him the new Gandhi. They call him a crusader. I call him a common man tired of the system.
Jai Hind !

Nirali Naik