Another Great Book by Management Guru, Arindam Chaudhary

Since the time I saw Shahrukh Khan romancing Kajol on the screen, his dimpled smile and the twinkle in his eyes in the very hit and famous DDLJ, I have been in total awe of the versatile actor. Since my teenage days I have nurtured the desire to catch a glimpse of him at least once. And when the opportunity struck, I of course had my party shoes ready! The event was the book launch of Arindam Chaudhary’s latest book, ‘Discover the Diamond in You’ at The Grand, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. I was also interested in knowing what Arindam Chaudhary had in store for his readers after his very famous ‘Count your Chickens before they Hatch.’ Being a book lover and SRK’s fan, there was nothing that could stop me!

At an event like this where a famous economist and management guru was to launch his new book accompanied by none other than the King Khan, one is sure to run into a packed hall. The waiting shutterbugs, the ardent fans, comely girls in dresses straight out of mannequins were enough to reveal the buzzing excitement in the hall. My stars were shining bright that day as I managed to obtain a good seat that was not far away from the main stage and just two rows behind from where the famous actor and the author were to take their seats.

As the minutes ticked by, both Arindam and SRK made their way into the hall only to be greeted by a great applause. After the introductions and a brief book reading session by Chitrangada Singh, the actress who shot to fame by her award winning performance in ‘Hazaaron Khwashiyen Aisi’, Arindam Chaudhary took over the stage to brief the readers about his book. He spoke about the four Cs of a diamond; carat, cut, colour and clarity and how we should not judge people from their face value, rather we must try to discover the diamond in them. He opened his speech by dedicating his success to his father from whom he has gained all the valuable knowledge. He informed the listeners how he tries to tackle the students at his management institute, IIPM and how they are above the rest. The clarity and the conviction he spoke with proved the amount of faith he had in his beliefs and his motives. In 20 odd minutes, he spoke about people who had influenced his life and how in this book he has tried to share the principles of success and motivate people to increase productivity in life and work. What touched me the most were his loving words for his wife and father in the foreword to the book. It was delightful to know that success hasn’t made him forget the value of relationships.

With motivation being the hot topic of the evening, the audience were expecting another motivational speech from Shahrukh Khan but trust him to do the unconventional; he opened his speech by saying, “I was inspired by Rocky too, I wanted to be a porn star!” (Arindam has sighted the example of Sylvester Stallone who was a porn star before going on to become what he is today after his famous Rocky series). There was no stopping for the witty actor as he picked up and twisted lines from Arindam’s speech and went on to say, “I’m going to work very hard, positively, and with clarity, to be a porn star.” The crowd was in splits and wanting more from the actor. However, he also spoke about other things such as respecting the parents, not to waste too much time in trying to solve each and every problem, letting things go, how negative energy spreads negative things around us, how one should just think of positive things soon after waking up and the importance of hard work and honesty among other things. He urged people to read Arindam’s book which is a motivating, self discovery book written in a simple language and finished his speech by saying, “Main bhi padhoonga. Next time you hear about me, I’ll be the world’s biggest porn star.” With this he stepped down the podium leaving the audience agog with his electrifying charisma.

He made a quick exit after the event and then my breathing rate also returned to normalcy. The turbulences I felt in my system in his presence had died down only to leave a fossil impression in my mind and heart. This memoir of seeing him will undoubtedly stay with me for my lifetime like the rich advice given by him in the foreword to the book “Success is never final, just like failure is never fatal!” So spare 59 minutes out of your busy schedule (that is the claimed time limit in which one can finish the book) and grab this book to be on the right track.

Shikha Tandon

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