Another Homecoming

Come mid July and the university is abuzz with students looking forward to yet another fun-filled year and the freshers with their timidness and their desire to be noticed galore. College life is one place where the sun never sets; there is no end, and no limit to the great time one can have.

In other words, these can be called your three ultimate years of freedom and yes, if you have not tried drinking, smoking or dope, you know what to do!! Jokes apart, college is a place where you are expected to grow up all of a sudden. So if your parents are pushing you for the stinky U-Special, bear with it and be ready for much more. Start showing your parents that you are independent by sneaking out and partying till late. Saving money by walking rather than taking a rickshaw or skipping breakfast for your daily cigarette quota shall become the norm as you are sure to exceed your monthly budget a week in advance.

You shall happily gorge on the oiliest junk food in the world citing the excuse that this is all that is available. And sooner than you realize, you shall be fighting to get back in the regulated school life where you had someone to answer to because here no one gives a damn whether you study, smoke, make out or do not give the exams. You shall be in no man’s land searching for a reason, a level of belongingness. That is the freedom that comes in due course to every school graduate. From the first day of ragging leading to the campaigning during the elections to the fests, the internals and the final examinations, college life never comes to a standstill.

The monotony of school passé, freak out freshers. Get ready for the ragging dilemma, an overstated issue by many but a wild card entry to the coming in contact with the who’s who of the college. Make sure you are the best dressed in the crowd so that you are ragged even more. And if you love to dance on tables, make your way to the college canteen at the very first instance. Of course there exists the North-South campus rivalry, in other words an existent campus life versus dwellings in a South Delhi culture. Each have their own pros and cons so choose well. You do not want to get stuck in an area where you see commercial establishments and pot-bellied uncles the moment you exit your college. Get ready to be stereotyped in a particular college’s image no matter how cool you maybe. Respect the out-of-bed look and try to improvise it without a faux pas.

The rivalry among college societies exceeds limits but at the same time they party till the wee hours after events. Decide to vote for a particular candidate based on how many drinks he/she distributed. Discover the joy of street hawkers selling various types of chaat, flavoured maggi, kulche chole and banta without a guilt pang about your health and calories. Make sure your phone has good games that will take you through the boring lectures with ease. And be armed with pieces of chalk to pay the teacher back in kind. A degree in Canteen honors and appointing a proxy is a must. If you are unable to do that, you are still in school.

And when you have experienced all of the above and are close to realizing where you belong, the exams drop from the sky and take it all away. Do a cost-benefit analysis between staying at home and studying or attending the fests happening at the same time. And at the end of it all when you are done with the agony and thwarted at for talking about it afterwards is when you realize that those WERE the best days of your life. That is where you belong and yearn to go back, again and again. And you shall always have someone to come home to.

Deshan Tucker

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