Another US Drone Strike in Pakistan


Another drone strike carried out by the United States has left six civilians dead in Northern Waziristan, a tribal area in Pakistan. Pakistan began a military operation in this tribal area against the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other alleged terrorist groups. Since the operation began, four such strikes have been conducted by the US, killing around thirty five people in all. Not just that, government reports assume that the operation has also left as many as eight hundred and seventy six thousand residents of the village displaced.

What began as the Bush administration’s War on Terror has now resulted in adverse outcomes. The occupation of Afghanistan was the first move towards completing the War on Terror. That in itself caused many to lose a stable life in Afghanistan. Personal security emerged as a major concern with many fleeing the country to take refuge in places like Pakistan, India, and Europe. To add to all of it, economic conditions of families also deteriorated to a large extent. Afghanistan’s opium is popular worldwide. After its occupation by the US, many believe that the country’s opium has been highly exploited. The death tolls only increased by the number each passing year of US’ occupation.

Pakistan being considered a safe haven for terrorist has always faced threat of the War on Terror. While tribal areas are said to be breeding grounds to foster terrorists, there are many innocent civilians who have become victims of operations carried out against these terrorist breeding grounds. The War on Terror has only proved to be counterproductive, with no sign of accomplishing its core purpose.

Use of drones has always led to death of unarmed innocent civilians. Those who have been displaced as a result of these operations have not found a secured place they can call home. Caught up in war between states and terror groups, families continue to lose their loved ones, but do not even find time to mourn the dead because they are fighting a battle for security of their own.

When will the real terror end; the terror of not finding a secured place to live? A place where families have the right to grieve over death of loved ones?

Pallavi Sharma

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