Another Year Whooshes By

As 2010 draws to a close,
you look back and rewind
the moments gone,
caress the memories of yore
eventually bidding it farewell
as you see the charismatic chiaroscuro
of 2011 making its way into
your hearts.

The first month of a fresh new year has always been my favorite not because my birthday falls in this month but making an altogether new start and embarking on a journey of 365 days with an absolute vigor and enthusiasm makes the month of “January “ even more special and extraordinary.

But then as the month slowly reaches its fag end, those heartfelt resolutions are also soon forgotten and locked in some closet forever. Though in our minds we certainly feel the guilt of being unable to shed those extra pounds and tantalizing our taste buds with that deliciously delectable cheese cake, still in that withdrawing and quitting there is something that seems right or at least we feel so. No wonder the very idea of making New Year resolutions and consequently breaking them makes it all the more fun.

The diminishing shadows of our past flashes and flickers as we sit back and relax in some nook, reminding us of those wondrous and heart warming times that have long gone not only bringing a soft smile on our face but gently lightning up the mood. As the year ends we start looking forward to another year which always seem more promising and more likely to be “luckier” than the previous one but as the time passes and the year progresses the same drab stories are all set to unveil the hidden mysteries behind them in one way or another bringing respite for few and restlessness for others. Life is a potpourri of haphazard things. It poses enormous threats and yet at the same time we fail to acknowledge the concealed good in that and tend to look at the dark side. Anyhow, it’s a human tendency to contemplate bad more than good and expect the worse, but as the year ends and we are game to usher in the new one, our bleak and vague thoughts vanish automatically for our expectations are too high from the upcoming year that we simply can’t afford to accept any bad and go through the same circumstances time and again.

Years come and go, things change, people change, and life changes its pattern entirely. Often sitting by the window with a cup of steaming coffee and dunking my bourbon into it, I rewind my movie of ‘life’ thinking what possible changes have come in me so far? What kind of person I am now today? Am I a winner or a loser? And after all this introspection and close scrutiny of this and that, I gear up or rather buckle up to make yet another bunch of soon-to-be-broken promises of working over those teeny mistakes I committed over the years or connecting again with a friend whom I lost touch with and knocking the doors of those who never failed to give a helping hand in need. As always I succeed in keeping some of them and the rest are again lost in the mist of mind keeping alive the famous saying, “Promises and New year resolutions are made to be broken”. On this note I wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous 2011.

Maria Zafar

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