Antique Door Knobs

Antique door knobs can enhance the beauty of your house. You can get a set of antique door knobs in gold, silver, brass or bronze. The detailing and fabrication that can be seen on antique door knobs is phenomenal, you can find antique door knobs with biblical, mythological, surreal or even nature based designs. When properly polished and kept antique door knobs can make your door stand out completely. Imagine what a grand and long lasting impression it would leave on people who chance to see the magnificent work of art that has been manifested in the form of the brass antique doorknob. It will not only increase your snob value but also enhance the splendor and magnificence of the house you inhabit.

A heavy door made of teak and glass, with a golden antique looking doorknob, isn’t that a part of the dream house that you’ve been dreaming of since you were five? You can have door knobs shaped liked pigeons or peacocks or maybe mother Mary and the holy infant. The diversity in antique door knobs is immense.

Antique door knobs are generally not as flimsy as the new door knobs available in the market. Not only do they look good, but also are stronger and long lasting. They have lasted long enough to become antiques right?

Get yourself the rustic door knobs that will help you feel larger from within, a doorknob that will make you feel good, an antique doorknob that will make your house look so much nicer. They will be a little more expensive that regular boring door knobs but this is definitely worth its money. Don’t hold back. Your main door needs that face-lift. You need that feeling of satisfaction. It is an easy way of indulging in yourself, a cheap way of pampering yourself and the house. Spend that extra buck and get that antique doorknob now.

Along with many other companies, Lowes is one of the best brands for the antique and vintage door knobs. There are many collectors and individual shops too who take interest in collecting and reselling the antique door knobs.