Anything for You Ma’am

Anything for You Ma’am is a romantic novel written by Tushar Raheja who is an IIT graduate and managed to finish the book in a span of three months.The book talks about Tejas, a final year industrial engineering IITDelhi student who falls in love with his sister’s friend Shreya who stays in Chennai. Owing to a series of coincidences, they meet again and again as fate brings them affront again and again. After enough attempts, Tejas successfully woes Shreya but the distance between Delhi and Chennai becomes a problem. Plus Shreya’s father is against the sprouting love affair and acts as a cliché Hindi movie villain who comes in between the love story. The book revolves around this exciting journey of love and romance.

In this piece of work, at several instances you can correlateit with your own life. The character beautification of Shreya will make you fall in love with her definitely. The book is interestingly written, well knitted and keeps the reader captivated till the end. With some exceptional humourous descriptions and weather portrayals, you will feel freshness in some of the portions Overall, the pace is maintained well all over, just a slackened up in the end. The author has flavored up the narration by using creative metaphors and similes.

The book is unstructured, not edited appropriatelywith a lot of unwanted stuff for the reader. The lack of flow and unbelievable coincidences make it at times unbearable for the reader. Further, the IIT concept doesn’t work everywhere and it was not necessary to attach such ahuge brand name to the novel. The story would have been the same even without the IIT tag.

The novel is portrayed more like a romantic flick, it is enjoyable, a great time-pass, and definitely worth a read.

Suvidha Bhatnagar

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