Aparajita Jain Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Respected Mr. Prime Minister,

We have grown up with a great love for this nation of ours. We have grown being told off if we didn’t stand erect enough during our national anthem. We have grown up being told, that the free air we breathe is because of many people before us. We have been brought up with a feeling that this country is like our Mother and we must respect her. I have personally always shed a tear every time I sing Jana Gana, because I believe this country that sustains me is the greatest country on this planet, and that we, her people are blessed but Sir we don’t feel that proud anymore.

We beg you to help us make this country better, but at every single point we are stopped or made to feel disillusioned. We have to fight everyday of our lives, through broken roads, through broken down non-existent modes of transportation to getting a simple government stamp on a clean piece of document.

I run an art gallery, and it disheartens me every time I go to Venice and see no Indian pavilion at the Biennale, we are funded apparently but where does that money go? I go to the ICCR and they refuse to even look at proposals which will bring Indian contemporary art back on the world map, I am told I haven’t greased the correct palms. Have we all collectively sold our souls?

Sir, what kind of values and path do I need to take to make a difference in this country? How do I as a common person with ideals and deep love for my nation help make a change when every door I knock the system cements in further?

How long do you wish for us to have hope?


Aparajita Jain

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.