Apple Watch: A New Shiny Toy For The Fashionista


A status symbol, a fashion statement, a shiny new toy, the new Apple Watch is all of this and nothing more. A company that has always excelled in sitting at the juncture of technology and fashion, Apple’s new edition of its smart-watch has the fashion industry reeling in awe. The logo and the brand have, since time immemorial, been synonymous to panache. Even before it has hit the markets, the Apple Watch has found its place in the cover pages of both Chinese and American editions of the Vogue magazine. The cover page of Self, also, saw the Victoria’s Secret model, Candice Swanepoel pose with the stylish Apple Watch on her wrist.

Most of the buzz pertaining to the Apple Watch is about its forking into the fashion line-ups. Though the smart-watch is a striking display of engineering accomplishment yet the marketing strategy of the company showcases the gadget as a piece of jewellery, not a complex board of chips and sensors.

Compared to other smart-watches such as the Pebble and Moto 360, Apple Watch isn’t dorky at all. It isn’t anything like a mammoth wall-clock tied to your wrist; rather, it is sleek and slender, one that adds class to your look. The fashionistas can pick and choose from the myriad straps that are available: from simple rubber to the classic Milanese loop, you name it and you have it.

So, what’s makes the watch totally drool worthy? The Apple Watch also comes in solid 18-karat gold, worth a massive $10,000. If you are one of those who would gladly drop $10000 for a watch that will go obsolete as the years wear, the Apple Watch is JUST the one for you. However, a bit of a bummer for the tech-freaks, the internals of the watch are not swappable. Just as any item of hardware goes archaic with the passage of time, the Apple Watch, too, will. The brownie points, nonetheless, go to the fashion bonanza that is wrapped in the ever-so-expensive and classy gold with a sapphire screen.

Last word: Buy the new Apple Watch if you have got the money and, a never-say-die attitude for style.

Sangeeta Purkayastha

Image Source: The Viewspaper