Are BPOs That Bad ?

A Youngster’s Answers from Personal Experience

Strangely enough, the word BPO evokes in us extreme emotions. There are those who swear by it and those who condemn it to no end.
The reasons range from a horde of misconceptions to some stark reality bites. The archaic purists are perturbed by the night shifts and a surprisingly extravagant lifestyle led by the BPO professionals. And therefore in a bid to retaliate against these ‘nocturnal’ professionals, they have deemed them as ‘outcasts’.
Unfortunately it is these slandering campaigns carried out by a select few that have taken deep roots in our society. Therefore, the need of the hour is to maintain a level head before stereotyping this BPO workforce.For a start, we must clear all those cobwebs in our brains which hinder our thought process. The first question which pops naturally to non BPO professionals is “night shifts”? Well, I have been a part of a BPO and therefore possess the insight to comment on the same.Night shifts, to their credit have a number of accusations to contend with, such as promoting booze, sex and drugs. Unfortunately for those sardonic purists the above accusations fail to hold even an ounce of truth. I haven’t been a witness to our good old nine to five jobs, but if they can match up the professionalism prevalent in the BPOs then they sure are doing a good job.
What irks me most is our credulous public that believes all hearsay without even a belch. The truth is that like all corporate jobs BPOs guarantee good money and yes, a work environment plagued with deadlines and quality adherences.
Another accusation directed at the BPOs is their sub-standard workforce. Though not many of our well meaning purists are aware of this but the fact is that the crème de la crème of many top notch institutions are fuelling the stupendous growth of BPOs. As a testimony to the above fact, a NASSCOM study has pointed out that the Indian BPO industry’s rapid growth will continue and it would be a US$ 25-35 billion industry by 2010.
I hope that this article of mine has shed much needed light and cleared the cobwebs plaguing minds for long.

Abhinav Khanka
Delhi, India