On this Daughter’s day I would like to raise a question, is the female child still unwanted by most of the expecting couples? I don’t need to go far searching for some such couples because in my vicinity itself and in my family there are two such couples, one has already been gifted with daughter once again while the other is awaiting the fateful day. Ever since the government banned the sex revealing sonographical techniques, for better or for worse we have been still shackled to the age old orthodox mindset. In a country like India, the female foeticide and infanticide rates being disturbing by the minute. Since our country has had a long lived trend of such malpractices, and the survivors think deeply that being the creators of life they are still predated against by the same life which they had earlier created. I being a daughter have strongly felt for the cause as do many daughters in India and elsewhere. When an expectant couple bears a female child it comes to as a misery for the family more often than not. In our society the second hand treatment of women still persists with women being the victims of eve teasing on daily basis, and viewed as objects of sex-use and family propagation. The larger part of our world is non-idealistic and we like to believe that both the sexes are equal, that is but in the theory .And when the expectant mothers give birth to future mothers of the nation, they are smothered to exploitation or even death! Recently a father threw away his one-day old daughter in the national capital. Thankfully, she was found in a garbage bin and adopted by a worthy couple.

Our shastras & vedas speak of co-existence of both the sexes and the education system also teaches that both the sexes are equal and hold their own importance. But still the glass ceiling exists even in job spheres where women more often than not paid less than men. The contemporary world is full with examples of successful women like our country’s first women president Dr.Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, the first women IPS officer of our country Dr.Kiran Bedi. There are other examples like in the field of broadcast journalism the very famous Barkha Dutt who won herself the prestigious Padma Award this year. The mental tenacity with which these ladies handled their respective jobs is worth applause. These are some of the examples of women who have made our country feel proud on more than one occasion.

The life of such females inspires us to take initiatives in life and to live up to them. We talk volumes about a developed 21st century but to redefine it we forget the umpteen problems that crowd us , barring us from a progressive and broad-minded approach to a happier world. And here, I would like to also mention that many a times it is the mothers themselves who turmoil their own daughter’s life.
It’s been observed that ignorance overpowers the motherly love. Efforts can go beyond measure by the government and the NGOs but it is for the society to heal itself.

Akriti Rastogi

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