Are Google search results just crap?

I have been using Google since I was in 6th standard. There has been a great change in the web in past one decade . The web has become far more interactive and social . There have been lot many new features that i had never assumed that it will be there in the web. The biggest change that I have noticed is the social part of the web. Its now one of the biggest part of web traffic . The presence of social graph has totally changed the structure of the web. Considering the non-social aspects like sending emails, ICQ etc have grown steadily too.
But one thing that I feel hasn’t changed much is the search engines.

Search engines are of real importance to the web and its users but I still don’t find them as interactive. According to me,since my 6th standard and till today the only thing that has not changed is the search engines and there interactivity. Google has climbed steadily in the Wall Street , Yahoo and Bing have thrown enormous amount of money but still the things have not changed alot.

Consider these snapshots that I took while I was searching on Google.

Obviously the auto suggest feature is a new ajax technology that Google has implemented but up till now it has disappointed me most of the times.

Even if we concentrate on the search results then that is also looking more or less the same.

I personally feel that Google is now leaving its roots and entering into the same bad idea which the other search engines are accused of and that is “the more you pay the higher you appear in the results”.

The competition to rule the search market is very fierce but instead of making it more interactive and communicative , it has become more and more difficult to search and use.
If you are looking for some popular content then obviously search results will be very fruitful to you but consider the search results of some rare cromo-thermo dynamics search , and google is gone.

I don’t blame Google . The internet has become way too crowded with information and it is really difficult to find the most relevant one . So the search engines are also getting trapped into it.
What i now believe is that Google holds a big responsibility to filter out the contents in a better way and use its resources to help its user gain better search experience .

I wish my son can have a better feel of Google.

Abhinav Singh

The author is an Engineering Graduate from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and currently a Software Engineer at Tata Cunsultancy Services. He has a keen interest in Technology, Hacking and Network Security. He also actively writes for several national magazines of India.