Are We Aiming For General Acceptance While Forgoing The Acceptance For Self?

Privacy Lost

No one is vague when it comes to the power of social media handles. One understands the importance of a valid Facebook post, one understands the importance and the craziness with which a hot topic is trending on Twitter, and one can also understand how Instagram is perfectly an idle platform to publicise about a new start-up or an organisation. We might hate the superlative power it has on us, or how addictive it is, but we can never refute the might of social media.

Researchers have claimed that with such increase in the power, usage and the acceptance of these handles, people are increasingly getting more anxious, jealous of others, and probably developing a questionable self-esteem that might impact their individual growth. In a bid to agree with the thoughts that won’t lead to a follow up of demeaning comments, people are essentially following the majoritarian thoughts rather than having the faith to publish their own. Undeniably, it’s a brave thing to have the guts to go against the flow on social media nowadays.

However, there are also researches that showcase how difficult socialising has been since the advent of social media interaction. The irony of which is quiet stumbling. There are people ranting about almost everything on the media, and still lack the skills required when in touch with human and not with the keyboard.


Increasingly, people have started sharing their own personal and private thoughts that go viral with every click. Stories as intimate as those of sex, break ups, self-esteem issues, clashes with parents and so on and so forth. We are surrounded by stories which inspire us, shock us; stories which change our perception and stories which make us see things from a new light. However, a notion developed in my mind that staggered me, and made me question, since when are people so uninhibited to share their intimate details on a platform that definitely assures its accessibility globally?

What happened to the difficulty of socialising? When we can share the intimate details with the world, why can’t we have the same discussion with our family? What inhibits us then?

We can rant about the brutal break-up on social media, about our body consciousness, about the depression that is plaguing us, or the incident that might have shaken our childhood, unabashedly and without any concern or scare. Needless to say, the kind of support we get from people who are unknown to us about the brutality of life that is suffocating us is highly encouraging and uplifting. There’s a reason people tell things on social media and do not shy away from it- the general acceptance tinted with a bit of kindness and understanding.

Those who are shunned by people close to them, find unwavering support from the mass of the people who are their ‘friends’ and ‘followers’. Nevertheless, I must add that in this bid to find acceptance by people in large, and to uplift their deteriorating self-esteem, one is doing away and ruining the essence of what we understand as ‘privacy’.

Not everything can be shared on social media. There are brutal wars to be fought by us in our lives, ranting about them on the media won’t make us win the battle. Instead of aiming for acceptance from others, we should start accepting ourselves, and maybe then, we can actually fall in love with what we truly are.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper