Are we all gay?

The title surprisingly has no subterranean meaning and yet it offends none of the chauvinistic orthodox classes. The very word ‘gay’ is etymologically partaking an altogether different meaning. ‘Gay’ as I am told, is the adopted son of English, which fell on its lap from the Old French tree, somewhere around the 12th century. The French lovingly called it ‘gai’ which meant joyful and carefree. Over the years as ‘Gay’ grew up, it was introduced to sex and chose homosexuality. Now, homosexuality being considered immoral in social entourage, ‘Gay’ was ostracized from the society.

Gayness or homosexuality traces its roots back to pre-historic times and even find mention in various mythologies. For instance, the Greco-Roman mythology has several homosexual characters and biblical ‘David & Jonathan’ or Noah of ark only clears the air to such claims. The LGBT or lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender/transsexual are around us since history unknown and so are their opposers. The anti-LGBT slogans date back to as long as 2500 years in Classical Greece, while some find homosexuality a religious offence, others oppose it on medical grounds and some even term gays as pedophiles. “AIDS Kills Fags Dead”, a parody of the advertising slogan “Raid: Kills Bugs Dead” was intended to imply that AIDS was an endemic to homosexuals. In 1990’s when AIDS first showed its venomous tongue, the majority diagnosed with this disease were male homosexuals. But the scenario has changed considerably proving that AIDS and homosexual alliance was as much a myth as- having sex with virgin/animal cures AIDS or AIDS spreads by touching; but the cynics are not to believe. Another stigma attached to gayness is that gay people attack same sex kids to satisfy their sexual desires- again a ludicrous remark from a lame section of the society. In a world where incestuous relationships are carried out with unabashed gumption and rapists are felicitated with floral garlands, why target poor gays as anomalies?

Why is a homosexual considered curse to humanity- Just because his feelings are different from the rest of its ilk? After all who laid the norms for sexuality? Had Adam not met Eve and ‘Evan’ had been his companion instead, could we dare to challenge their morality? Though by the nature of reproduction, we would not have existed to do so- and here the issue takes a different turn. Gayness poses a stiff competition to virility; though you are permitted to shy away, the truth remains that man ruled over women riding on manliness and all of a sudden the shadow of homosexuality has started to loom large over such dominance. Couple it with artificial sperm donation, women empowerment, etc. and the furor transcends horizons.

India, going by the credo of being a traditionally reserved country considered gayness as taboo and there have been several instances where gay people committed suicides, were killed by their respective families or harassed by the police. Thus, it came as a pleasant surprise when one fine sunny morning in 2009, The Supreme Court of India decriminalized gay sex under section 377 of IPC. Even more astonishing was the response, when thousands of jubilant gay people crowded the roads and expressed their conformity making me wonder where they had been hiding till now. Though not much has changed regarding people’s mindset, still a ‘Dostana’ no more ignites ‘Fire’ in this land. So, in a way our step has been exemplary, even if perfunctory.

It is high time the world as a whole realizes that gayness is no disease and it is just as normal as it is to be straight. Right to equality ensures every human being has equal freedom to lead his life by his choice, unless it harms others around him- and thus the gay rights should be given due respect. But the question remains, “Are we all gay about people being gay?” and if not then why?

Debojit Dutta

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