Are We Asking for Too Much?

It is terrible to see the many terror strikes that have been marauding this country of its peace and serenity! I am unable to even accept the fact that our Government actually did something after the serial bomb blasts in terms of security measures; if they had – then what was this reprise about?!

People taken hostage, blasts and grenade attacks at random places in the city of Mumbai, an entire nation stunned into silence; engulfed in shock! What has the government done to ensure that every citizen wakes up with the feeling of being protected by the powers at the top!? Doesn’t seem like much has been done to protect the basic rights of a citizen.

With the cyclonic rain preventing the newspaper from reaching me in Chennai and the power playing hide and seek, the only news I get is through the telephone from friends and the occasional e-papers that thankfully fill me in.

With the news I was able to read on an extremely uncomfortable e-paper format, I could see that what happened in Mumbai was such a well-planned and well-executed terrorist attack. I do not understand how we have let over a hundred people get killed so easily!

Why have we left such blaring blind spots in our security surveillance? So many Governments come and go, and yet nothing seems to be done to make this country more secure! Every year we hear of some bomb blast or the other, Assam becomes the new Andhra for naxal attacks. Mumbai becomes the next Coimbatore. We seem to be offering aid and pledging to increase the national security, and yet, there always is some loophole we leave behind for these mastermind criminals to wriggle in.

I also fail to understand what kind of extremism breeds in the minds of these terrorists that make them stoop so low to ‘conquer’ some vague cause! It wrings one’s heart to know that one human is capable of inflicting such intense pain and torture on another fellow human.

Somewhere, life itself seems so warped and thus do people’s minds become stink holes of such cruel capabilities. Be it an Indian or international terrorist- every face has so much hatred masked behind. Where does such ill-minded, heartless evil take root? How does one actually find an excuse to gun down and blaze away everything in sight?

It really aches within to know that all many of us want out of life is comfort and peace to live and that too is denied by these cruel outfits claiming to bring in freedom. That freedom is not limited, and could be enjoyed without having to snatch it away from someone, somehow glaringly escapes their eye!

Why isn’t anything being done to instill clarity and sense into these terror outfits. Is fundamentalism and extremism taking root so deeply in the minds of the people- in vicious forms of land, religion, race- that we seem to lose focus of our basic identity?

Why can’t we all live and let live, and not force down our idealism and practices on the rest of the world.

All we are here for is to live happily through the time we are here. Life itself poses so many things to grieve about. Do we really need more? Why can’t we smile in peace? Does it really take that much of an effort?!

Sandhya Ramachandran
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