Are we heading towards a Revolution?

The 24-carat onions…Gujjars don’t let the trains go…if they do, the naxals blow off the trains…CWG shame…terrorism…the ever-burning Valley…Dragon’s steps…an equally-stained opposition…

This is the current political situation in our country. India never enjoyed a peaceful neighborhood. But now there is an on-going civil war. Nationalist aspirations, an economic crisis escalating social crisis and all this are being supported by a political crisis.

There is a political chaos in the country. The existing political order is based on representative democracy. But the representatives are no longer representing the people. A multi-party system is functional. But the various political parties are only dividing the country and the people. The Multi-party system has led to casteism, communalism, regionalism and other evils. There is not a single party which can call itself the ‘people’s will’. There also rests the dangerous evil of fascism. The ruling party, Congress is also accused of trying to establish a dynastic rule. People chose congress over BJP (the current opposition) on the grounds that at least it is not fascist in theory but while BJP rules to kill only a section of the people, Congress believes in killing all (mehengai dayaan). The current ruling party is in power because people have no alternative. During elections, people choose the ‘lesser evil’. In this political crisis, there are also emerging alternative political orders. Naxalite movement offers an anarchic form of Government. There are also the regimes of Mayawati and Modi. Also, in some states, there is the Army ruling.

There is widespread discontent and disillusionment among the masses. Every section of the society is suffering. From the peasants to the rich capitalists, everyone has contempt for the politicians. Entering administrative services or the Judiciary to bring about that ‘change’ is also no longer appealing to the people. The whole system is corrupt, they argue.

Media is adding fuel to the fire. Media has become super-efficient. A new scam is reported every fortnight. News Channels are also propaganda machines. Some of them are clearly anti-Government. They’ll exaggerate every news and will blame the Government incessantly. They all create and influence mentalities. This over-all crisis and people’s struggles has also found a space in Popular Cinema. There are movies presenting the naxals in a positive light, highlighting the tragedy of the valley and the struggles of the aam insaan.

The stage is set. People are agitated. They are desperate for a change. The storm is over the cliff. But are we in for a revolution? Who will lead it? The opposition is equally handicapped. How widespread will it be? There are huge social and economic gaps. It’s always religion or caste first. And if not then it’s all about money. So who will unite them? Will it be ‘successful’? What will be the new order? Or if not, then what else will the frustration of the people amount to? Where are we heading to?

Devika Mittal

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